Willingly Baited – Chapter 1

TL Note: This is a teaser of a new yuri series I am picking up once I finish <<Next Door There’s Memeda>>. I plan to finish that series by the beginning of February.

Translated by Novice Translations

Executive Summary: I don’t know her, but I know her husband. She’s my financial backer’s wife.

Chapter 1

  ”It’s a beautiful dress. It suits you very well.” Zuo Qinghuan picked up the dress on the hanger and put it on Li Xin’s body to see and said to Li Xin.

  ”It’s really beautiful, and I think it suits me well. I’ll take it in and try it out.” Li Xin picked up her clothes and walked to the fitting room. She and Zuo Qinghuan were like birds of a feather that flock together. They share a common hobby and occupation. They hook up with rich people to become their mistresses. The difference was that she hooked up with women, married women while Zuo Qinghuan hooked up with men, married men.

  Zuo Qinghuan continued to pick clothes, and when she looked up, she found that Li Xin had tried out the clothes which was really suitable for her. The back was perfect. The long beautiful legs were impeccable. The sexy back was really charming. Zuo Qinghuan suddenly got up and wanted to tease Li Xin. She sneaked behind the woman, suddenly hugged her and touched the woman’s thigh, then jokingly said, “It’s so beautiful, I’ll change my sexual orientation and like women someday… “

  The woman was obviously frightened, and her body was stiff. She instinctively wanted to throw the person who held her, but immediately found out the person holding her was a woman. So, Qin Wanshu tried to resist the desire to throw Zuo Qinghuan over her shoulder, instead she unhappily turned to face Zuo Qinghuan.

  Zuo Qinghuan looked at the woman and found it wasn’t Li Xin. She was embarrassed. When she faced the woman’s face, Zuo Qinghuan felt she was familiar, as if she seen her somewhere. Zuo Qinghuan searched her brain, then was slightly stunned.

  At this time, Li Xin came out of the fitting room and saw Zuo Qinghuan hugging a woman who wore the same clothes as herself, and her hands were still on the woman’s thighs while she was in a daze. This situation was really weird, and the woman she held was also excellent. Li Xin thought she and Zuo Qinghuan were both top notched in looks, but this woman was comparable to Zuo Qinghuan. The streets were filled with beautiful women, but it was hard to find a woman who was both very beautiful and has good temperament. If you don’t like women, either look at them with appreciation or be jealous.  

  When Qin Wanshu saw Li Xin, she probably knew what was going on. But this impudent woman didn’t release her hand, but was instead dazed at this moment. The woman’s hand was on her thigh and the burning temperature really made Qin Wanshu faintly displeased.

  ”Miss, can you …” Qin Wanshu looked at Zuo Qinghuan and lightly asked, the meaning of her reminder was obvious.

  ”Sorry, I recognized the wrong person …” Zuo Qinghuan smiled awkwardly, and quickly released Qin Wanshu.

  ”It doesn’t matter.” Qin Wanshu’s smile appeared on her face, then she turned into the fitting room and changed her clothes.

  ”Just a moment ago, you looked at her blankly, don’t tell me you fell for her?” Li Xin teased.

  ”The photo was very beautiful. I didn’t expect she would be more beautiful than the photo.” Zuo Qinghuan said from the bottom of her heart that she has never been touched by a woman’s charm before.

  ”Do you know her?” Li Xin asked in surprise.

  At this time, Qin Wanshu came out of the changing room. Zuo Qinghuan looked at Qin Wanshu with a smile which contrasted her earlier embarrassment. She didn’t answer Li Xin’s question.

  Qin Wanshu felt there was a deeper meaning in the eyes of this unkempt woman. Did she know her? Obviously, she didn’t know her. Qin Wanshu returned a polite smile, then took out the credit card from her wallet to the clerk. During this time, she felt the two women were still looking at her, but Qin Wanshu calmly swiped the card and left.

  ”How do you know her?” Li Xin was full of curiosity. Qin Wanshu looked different from Zuo Qinghuan from top to bottom. Li Xin was very clear that no matter how many famous brands she and Zuo Qinghuan wore, the essential thing couldn’t change. But Qin Wanshu was different. At first glance, she was different from them and it felt as if she was in a different class.

  ”I don’t know her, but I know her husband, she’s my financial backer’s wife.” Zuo Qinghuan looked at the woman’s back who walked away and said with a smile.  

  Li Xin’s mouth was wide open with surprise. “Aren’t you jealous?” Li Xin knew if she saw her woman’s husband, she couldn’t wait to kick the man’s family jewels.1LX is bent and only targets woman, so she gets jealous of her married woman’s husband…

  She likes Han Shibin but prefers Han Shibin’s money. She likes both Han Shibin and his money. She was convinced that most women would also be fond of Han Shibin, but he was only fond of her.2HS is only fond of Zuo QH aka she is the only mistress.

  Zuo Qinghuan smiled disapprovingly, “If I was jealous, then the woman beside Han Shibin isn’t me.”3This shows how unfeeling she is, once she gets jealous, she ditches the man. But since she doesn’t have feelings, she can stay beside him

  ”You heartless woman!” Li Xin said scornfully, but she admired her in her heart. The one who doesn’t have feelings was the real winner. She already lost and had a crushing defeat. That woman can raise her like a canary, but she will never give up anything for her.4LX is referring to her own married woman

  Zuo Qinghuan didn’t answer. To some extent, she really was heartless.

  ”Why is that woman the best? Why does Han Shibin go out to eat wild food?”5eat wild food is the same as picking up women. So basically, why does the husband go out and pick woman if he got a perfect wife at home Li Xin asked inexplicably.

  ”Who knows? As far as I know, Han Shibin really loves the woman named Qin Wanshu.” Zuo Qinghuan shrugged her shoulders and spread her hands. She has been together with Han Shibin for three years. How can Qin Wanshu not be aware?

  ”Really loves that woman, and still go out to eat wild food. If the man was really cheap, that woman …” Li Xun smiled warily at Zuo Qinghuan.

  ”En?” Zuo Qinghuan raised her eyebrows and looked at Li Xin. She really didn’t understand Han Shibin’s psychology. Han Shibin was more nervous than Qin Wanshu, perhaps Qin Wanshu will pay back in full. He loves someone but raises a woman outside and has a lover behind her back. Zuo Qinghuan couldn’t agree with this kind of love.

  ”You say, do you think that woman is frigid?”6Definition of frigid (noun) – unresponsive to sexual advances or stimuli Li Xin smiled dirtily.

  ”Frigid…” Zuo Qinghuan gently repeated it again. It was a little possible to think of it like this. But Qin Wanshu, this woman was so sacred in Han Shibin’s heart, Zuo Qinghuan really didn’t want to associate Qin Wanshu and frigid. However, the woman’s figure was very good, her face was so good-looking, and her taste was so good. It was a pity she was frigid. Zuo Qinghuan suddenly found herself being as vulgar as Li Xin’s thoughts.7Double meaning – thinking she’s frigid and checking out other women

  Li Xin’s appearance was a typical mistress’s face. One face can tell the world, I am a mistress. At first glance, she wasn’t a good woman. Her charming eyes were slightly raised, her figure was hot, her clothes were exposed. There were nine out of ten men who would accept her as a mistress. Li Xin hates a group of lustful men who stared at her like flies staring at poop all day long.

  Li Xin liked women since childhood, in kindergarten, she likes the little girl who sat at the same table. In primary school, it was the female class representative, then in middle school, the school sister. In university the female teacher, then she graduated from college and became someone else’s mistress. Li Xin’s love history was bumpy, she fell in love fast, but the feelings left fast. Generally, it doesn’t last for more than half a year. But this time, it was different. She has been this woman’s mistress for five years. Li Xin genuinely thought this time she fell head first into the woman’s hands, then she will never turn over.8turn over is a figurative speech – free herself aka leave the woman/dump her

  Zuo Qinghuan was different. She looks like she doesn’t eat fireworks.9fireworks meaning passion; she doesn’t look passionate for sex…or into the sex scene She looked like a fairy older sister. People who didn’t know what type of person she was would be full of love. But who would have expect that Zuo Qinghuan who appeared to have no desire, was actually a mistress. She also had the heart of a wolf and lungs of a dog.10cruel and unscrupulous She never donates even a dime. Even in dramas, her favorite scenes is when the wicked mother-in-law oppresses and tortures the little daughter-in-law. Or the scene when wet nurse Rong used a pincushion crape myrtle,11It’s a famous scene from a movie, https://haokan.baidu.com/v?vid=4376537359369324057&tab=zongyi she felt happy. The time they spent together watching movies, usually Lin Xin cried a lot and Zuo Qing laughed happily. Who let them be mistresses, only occasionally prosperous, then have a lot of time to go shopping, beauty spas, manicures, then when they were bored, they would go together to see a movie or soap opera.12occasionally prosperous meaning when they see their sugar momma/daddy or have sex with them or their “working hours”

  Zuo Qinghuan’s past, Zuo Qinghuan never said and Li Xin never asked. If a person doesn’t want to talk about their past, it was bound to have a hidden trouble that was hard to mention, and Li Xin understood this principle.  

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