Willingly Baited – Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

  After leaving Qin Wangshu’s house and getting in her car, Zuo Qinghuan closed the window. Then took out her cellphone and made a phone call.

  “Dear, when will you be back?” Zuo Qinghuan’s tone was clearly coquettish, but the rearview mirror displayed her expressionless face that was slightly indifferent. Zuo Qinghuan felt that not only was she good-looking, but her acting skills were becoming more and more profound.

  “I’ll be back in two weeks. What gift do you want?” Han Shibin was in a better mood once he received a call from Zuo Qinghuan. He finally knew what Qin Wanshu was missing. He had been on a business trip for two weeks, but Qin Wanshu never asked him when he was coming back.

  “As long as you come back.” Zuo Qinghuan said affectionately. She had always done a good job of being affectionate. God knows that she only cared more about the luxury gifts that Han Shibin would gift her from Europe. Fortunately, Han Shibin had very good taste, and everything he sent back was impeccable. Zuo Qinghuan didn’t know what Han Shibin would gift Qin Wanshu, but all of his gifts were luxury goods. He probably believes that she was a gold digger to the bone, but that didn’t matter. As long as it was valuable, Zuo Qinghuan likes it. Although Zuo Qinghuan likes to dress herself up fabulously, she still felt like a shabby loser on the inside.

  Her sugar daddy didn’t hang up the phone yet, and Zuo Qinghuan never took the initiative to hang up the phone with him on the other line. Zuo Qinghuan looked at herself in the car mirror indifferently, like she was looking at a stranger. Everything comes at a price, and Zuo Qinghuan considered herself to be an expensive prostitute. Zuo Qinghuan arched her lips sarcastically. There were two people living in her heart. One was extremely narcissistic and selfish, while the other was extremely disgusted with herself. Zuo Qinghuan secretly thought to herself that she really had split personality disorder.

  After finishing the phone call, Zuo Qinghuan opened the window and looked up at the room with the large floor-to-ceiling windows before slowly driving away.

  ”What are you dazed about?” Li Xin shoved the dazed Zuo Qinghuan.

  ”I’m thinking about Qin Wanshu.” Zuo Qinghuan replied honestly.

  ”You’re not actually interested in her, right?” Li Xin asked in surprise.

  “I don’t think it’s possible for a woman to be as perfect as Qin Wanshu. Even if you get along with her a few times, you still won’t be able to nitpick any problems.” When she thought about Qin Wanshu, her mood was very complicated. Such a perfect woman, it makes the mistress feel so miserable!

  “Tsk tsk, you are jealous of others. I remember someone once said that jealousy only occurs when they can’t compare with another, so they will have negative thoughts. Admit that you’re a coward and have an inferiority complex!” Li Xin impolitely said, returning the words a heartless person once said to her.

  “There’s really a person who can see clearly.” Zuo Qinghuan said irrefutably. She admitted that she was inferior compared to Qin Wanshu.

  “Hehe, you finally admit that you’re not an enchantress nor a fairy. The sun is really rising from the west!” Li Xin laughed merrily and ridiculed. She didn’t like her appearance of pretending to be a pure fairy. Qin Wanshu was so powerful that she could even let that conceited enchantress reveal her true self.

  “How is it being together with a woman?” Zuo Qinghuan suddenly asked. Zuo Qinghuan’s questions were always sudden. Although Li Xin was extremely thirsty for women and was always around her, telling her about lesbian knowledge from time to time, Zuo Qinghuan, unfortunately, hardly paid attention to her during those times. According to Li Xin, women were happier doing it with other women. She didn’t know whether this was true or not.

  Li Xin almost spat out the wine. When was Zuo Qinghuan so interested in affairs between women?

  “Why don’t you bring home a woman to try out tonight? Otherwise, this big sister will sacrifice a little…”1Implying she will be her first lesbian experience lol Li Xin excitedly said. Zuo Qinghuan was suddenly interested in changing her sexuality, which made Li Xin feel very novel. In the past three years since she met Zuo Qinghuan, this big beauty herself failed to seduce Zuo Qinghuan countless times. Not to mention, she even tried to lure Zuo Qinghuan to become bent with many women. Unfortunately, this woman didn’t bend, which made Li Xin completely feel that Zuo Qinghuan was naturally born as a straight person. Now suddenly, Zuo Qinghuan was enlightened.

  “That’s enough. I have no appetite when I look at you and those groups of coquettish women.” Zuo Qinghuan looked straight at her and said while shaking her head. Zuo Qinghuan wasn’t a woman who’s faithful to her man. But, while Han Shibin is away, this fox-spirit Li Xin always wanted to eat her but doesn’t dare to do so. She always encourages her to try something new, but Zuo Qinghuan doesn’t touch men, is afraid of getting into trouble, and has no interest in women. Now, it was rare that there is a woman who caught her eye, but she couldn’t make a move. Yet, the more she couldn’t make a move, the more she wanted to.

  The more forbidden and conservative Qin Wanshu was, the more Zuo Qinghuan’s appetite dangled. Thus, her heart itched.

  After Qin Wanshu left Zuo Qinghuan, Qin Wanshu answered her phone call from the Qin family that asked her to go home for dinner. She went to the dressing room and changed her clothes, then went downstairs to drive to the Qin family’s estate.

  “Eldest Miss is back.” The guard at the gate respectfully said to Qin Wanshu.

  Qin Wanshu smiled politely at the guard. The guard was extremely flattered. The Qin family had other ladies beside Qin Wanshu, but the Eldest Miss was different from the other young ladies. She didn’t treat the Qin family’s people like the other young ladies. No matter who it is, the Eldest Miss was extremely polite and maintained a consistent temperament. Just like a beautiful goddess.

  “Grandpa, people are so hungry. Do you still want to wait for the Eldest Miss to come back?” Qin Shaoshan asked Qin Zheng coquettishly. Qin Shaoshan was very depressed. The existence of Qin Wanshu had made the other three women of the Qin family be overshadowed. They paled in comparison with Qin Wanshu. They were reluctant to call Qin Wanshu older sister, so they always referred to her as Eldest Miss. Originally, she was just jealous, but after so many years, she accepted her fate. Now, she was just used to using the title Eldest Miss.

  Qin Shaoshan is Qin Wanshu’s cousin and the youngest daughter of the Qin family. In fact, Qin Shaoshan was also very favored. She looked like a princess and acted like a princess. However, in Qin Zheng’s perspective, this little granddaughter was like a Persian cat. He occasionally teases and indulges her, but Qin Wanshu is the most orthodox eldest granddaughter of his Qin family. Also, she had the most outstanding blood of the Qin family and is his most beloved granddaughter.

  In fact, Qin Zheng was very stubborn and conservative to the bones, similar to people from ancient times. He is fond of his first son and first grandson. Over time, he had many descendants. His two favorite children were Qin Wanshu, the eldest granddaughter, and Qin Yu, the eldest grandson, who wanted to inherit the family business. Qin Zheng loves Qin Wanshu more than Qin Yu. These two children were the best of his many descendants. Hence, Qin Zheng naturally felt fonder towards these two.    

  “This is against etiquette. She’s your eldest sister, and you’re not the Qin family’s maidservant. What’s this calling her the Eldest Miss!” Qin Zheng lectured.

  “In your mind, what’s the difference between us being a young lady and a maidservant…” Qin Shaoshan said in dissatisfaction. When she wasn’t home, when have they ever waited for her to have dinner?

  The other two young women present also strongly agreed with Qin Shaoshan, but they only dare agree in their hearts, as they were the two most tragic people in the family. On one hand, they weren’t as good as their eldest sister, and on the other hand, they weren’t as bold and unrestrained as Shaoshan, nor were they grandsons. Thus, they were the most neglected in the Qin family.

  Qin Zheng’s ears were still very good. Naturally, he heard Qin Shaoshan’s complaint. He knew that his heart was biased, but he couldn’t blame himself. There were so many grandchildren. There were five grandsons and four granddaughters. How could he equally love them, it was natural to favor the best two.

  Qin Zheng had four sons, all of them are exceptional except for the slightly inferior eldest son. However, his eldest is the most loyal and honest, and also the father of Qin Wanshu and Qin Yu. Since his eldest has two excellent children, Qin Zheng felt comforted with his slight inferior compared to his other three sons.2This passage was so confusing because it has so much meaning that is hard to condense into the flow. Basically, his first son he always wasn’t at peace with since he wasn’t equally as exceptional as his other three sons. However, since he produced the best two grandchildren compared to his other sons, he overlooked his slight inferiority. This means he used to always compare his eldest to his other sons, but now he doesn’t.

  The last person Qin Zheng wanted to see is his youngest grandson, Qin Teng. He’s cynical, wild, unruly, and harmed the family’s reputation. Although he’s smart, he’s the most disobedient. Qin Zheng doesn’t understand how his honest eldest son sired such an inferior grandson. It could only be said that his eldest son’s genes are really unstable. Qin Yu and Qin Wanshu were so excellent, while Qin Teng was unruly.

  “This unruly young lady is very jealous of my older sister. But it’s true that my sister’s excellence made you become a decorative vase with only a chest but have no brains and loses face…” Qin Teng rarely appeared for family dinners and was someone who openly mocked others. Also, there has only been one person who he revered since he was a child, and that person was his sister, Qin Wanshu. Hence, he was very protective of his sister.3Author actually uses siscon but this flows better.

  “Qin Teng, who doesn’t have a brain? Who is a decorative vase with only a chest?” Qin Shaoshan was very irritated. Originally, she hated Qin Wanshu the most, but there was someone who she hated more than Qin Wanshu. That was Qin Teng, his mouth was always so cheap.

  ”Qin Teng, don’t say a word.” Qin Yu really had the demeanor of an older brother. He said a few words to Qin Teng and immediately stopped these two immature younger brother and cousin from fighting.

  Qin Teng pouted and was no longer interested in playing with the lighter in his hand. If his older sister doesn’t come back soon, he wouldn’t stay for dinner.

  “I’m very sorry that everyone has been waiting for a long time. Next time, everyone should eat first.” Qin Wanshu looked at the people sitting at the dining table waiting for her and apologized.

  “No way. No one’s face is as big as the Eldest Miss!” Qin Shaoshan said bitterly.

  Qin Wanshu smiled faintly, then found a seat and sat down. She was already accustomed to her cousin’s attitude.

  Qin Shaoshan was angry. She provoked her so many times since they were children until now, but Qin Wanshu remained indifferent. She was so mad. Does this woman really think she’s a Mary Sue! The more the enemy ignores and neglects you, the more you feel despised by the enemy. So, Qin Shaoshan gritted her teeth in anger from Qin Wanshu.

  “Older sister, Han Shibin isn’t home. I can stay with you until he returns.” Qin Teng felt that no one was worthy of his older sister.

  “He’s your brother-in-law, don’t directly call him by name.” Qin Wanshu looked at her handsome, but cynical, younger brother and said seriously.

  ”When will Shibin return?” Qin Zheng asked with concern.

  In the Qin family, Qin Wanshu is the most favored. So, the dinner topic often revolved around Qin Wanshu, and everyone was accustomed to it.

  “Maybe in another week or two.” Qin Wanshu replied. She didn’t know when it started, but the topic during dinner was always related to her.

  “Elder sister, you need to watch Han Shibin. That man is a dog, and men are naturally born cheap to the bones and likes to mess around…” Qin Teng seriously said. He didn’t only scold himself, but also scolded all the men at the table. So naturally, the other men were quite unhappy.

  ”You think everyone is like you, so cheap!” Qin Shaoshan rudely attacked.

  Qin Wanshu smiled. She unconsciously felt uneasy. She didn’t know why but she suddenly thought of Zuo Qinghuan and Han Shibin.

  “Little Xia will graduate this summer. What are your plans after graduation?” Qin Wanshu quickly changed the topic and asked her quiet cousin at the dining table with concern.

  Qin Wanxia was surprised for a while. Eldest Miss, no, it was her older cousin who remembered that she would graduate this year. She thought she was completely invisible since she wasn’t smart nor good-looking. In the Qin family, where there were handsome men and beautiful women with high intelligence, her existence was very miserable.

  “I haven’t thought about it yet.” Qin Wanxia shyly replied, feeling a little moved in her heart. It was also her older cousin that remembered her birthday this year as well.

  Compared with the aggressive Qin Shaoshan, Qin Wanshu liked Qin Wanxia more. She was as shy as a little mouse. Obviously, she’s also a young lady of the Qin family, but somehow always ignored by others.

  “If you want, you can work at the company. A position can be arranged for you.” Qin Wanshu’s third aunt said. She thought that other people’s daughters were so excellent while her own daughter wasn’t good-looking nor smart.

  “There are already several brothers in the company. Let the girls do whatever they like.” Qin Wanshu’s voice is still very soft while listening to it, but in Qin Wanxia’s ears, it sounded like the voice of an angel.

  ”Yes, anyway, it can’t be helped.” Qin Third Aunt thought and nodded.

  After the meal, Qin Wanshu took Qin Teng’s words to heart and decided to investigate Zuo Qinghuan.

Novi’s Notes: I’m working on these translations…I owe like 4 more chapters after this and then start doing my weekly releases for this series…just taking me a while >~<;

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