Willingly Baited – Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

  Qin Wanshu associated Zuo Qinghuan and Han Shibin together. It wasn’t very secretive. When she first met Zuo Qinghuan, Zuo Qinghuan had a surprised look in her eyes. Also, Zuo Qinghuan didn’t act like a stranger towards her in the short time they spent together. She faintly felt that Zuo Qinghuan knew about her since long ago, but she clearly didn’t know her. There can only be one possibility. She knows a mutual person that they both knew, thus she knew about her existence through that person. However, Zuo Qinghuan hinted at her identity the day before yesterday. Thus, Qin Wanshu speculated that Zuo Qinghuan and Han Shibin were together. 

  Qin Wanshu looked at the investigation report in her hands and couldn’t tell whether she felt disappointment or anger. Her hands tightly clutched the paper that wasn’t thin nor thick until it crumbled a little in Qin Wanshu’s hands. Qin Wanshu thought he wasn’t a saint. But when they got married, he pledged an oath of loyalty for the rest of his life. That man, who always treated her well and took care of her, ended up betraying her. This made it a little difficult for Qin Wanshu to accept and even made her feel uncomfortable. When she thinks of the name Zuo Qinghuan, it made her heart twist. It didn’t hurt, but with how it was twisted, it was like a fishbone that was stuck in your throat that was unable to be spit out. No one has ever made Qin Wanshu feel this kind of disgusting emotion like Zuo Qinghuan. At the thought of Zuo Qinghuan repeatedly asking her if she was frigid, Qin Wanshu couldn’t help but crumple the paper even more. Zuo Qinghuan was clearly mocking her. Since she was a child, no one dared to treat her like this.

  Qin Wanshu walked from the hall to the study, feeling the cold stone beads in her hands to ease her mood. From childhood to adulthood, her grandfather successfully cultivated her. Qin Wanshu wasn’t born like this. What others see is the most elegant Qin Wanshu, so how can they imagine a Qin Wanshu that was often punished by Qin Zheng to meditate for several hours when she was a child? She was forced to cultivate her health and temperament. If this genius didn’t work hard, it would only end in suffering. Hence, all the children of the Qin family were imposed different standards based on their different qualifications. The more talented the children were, the more stringent the standards were. Therefore, the Qin family’s ability to survive for a hundred years is because of this strict family education.

  Qin Wanshu calmed down. Now wasn’t the time to be angry here alone. The most important thing is to decide what to do next. Qin Wanshu didn’t want to divorce Han Shibin now, even though he betrayed her, Qin Wanshu was convinced that Han Shibin wasn’t able to control himself due to her frigidity. The best solution for an intelligent woman is to solve the problem quietly and continue to maintain the façade of a seemingly perfect marriage. After all, the reason why she married Han Shibin initially was due to many factors. At that time, she only got married because she was of marriageable age, and Han Shibin appeared at the right moment. His family background was of equal standing, his qualifications were good, and he treated her well. Although she disliked men, she liked him at the time.

  Zuo Qinghuan, how should this bad woman disguised as an innocent woman be solved? Qin Wanshu’s left finger gently rubbed the precious jade bracelet on her right wrist, and her eyes became unfathomable. You are the first woman that made me feel damned. I treated you so sincerely, but you string me along. Qin Wanshu was very angry when she thought about it.

  Qin Wanshu wasn’t a woman who would get angry by her husband’s affair with a mistress. She knows that flies can’t resist laying eggs. It was because she was defenseless against Zuo Qinghuan and was teased repeatedly by her. When she thought about this, Qin Wanshu was very angry and laughed. The first time I met Zuo Qinghuan it might have been an accident. But what about the second and third time? Since there was a second and third time, there will be a fourth. Since the fish will swim towards her, she doesn’t even need to use bait. She will bite regardless. She will see what tricks Zuo Qinghuan is playing and return the favor to her at that time. She doesn’t believe that Zuo Qinghuan could continue playing her. Qin Wanshu finally revealed a dangerous smile on her face. It can be said that Zuo Qinghuan aroused Qin Wanshu’s hidden fighting spirit deep in her heart.

  Qin Wanshu didn’t immediately take action after discovering Zuo Qinghuan’s identity but waited patiently. Since Zuo Qinghuan knew where she lived and had her number, she would naturally come to her.

  When Zuo Qinghuan was bored, she thought of Qin Wanshu. Then she looked at Qin Wanshu’s number on her cellphone and hesitated. Do I want to call her? But why should I call her? Zuo Qinghuan paced around and thought about it. She didn’t know what excuse to use. In fact, the simplest and easiest method is for a woman to ask another woman to go out, right? It’s as simple as asking Li Xin out. But why did she felt awkward and pondered about this for a long time?

  The moment Zuo Qinghuan dialed the number, her heart thumped rapidly due to nervousness. She acted like a mistress, who was still engaged in pure love and affection. Zuo Qinghuan despised herself a lot for being a hypocrite.

  Qin Wanshu was eating alone in a high-end western restaurant. She really enjoys spending her leisure time alone. She was seated close to the glass window, watching people and observing all kinds of expressions on their faces. Sometimes, it was very interesting. Her face didn’t display any negative expressions from her husband’s infidelity. It seemed that Qin Wanshu was the same as usual, calm, indifferent, elegant, and charming.

  At this time, the phone rang, displaying the words “Little Fairy”. Qin Wanshu answered it with a smile.

  ”Are you busy?” Zuo Qinghuan asked politely.

  ”Not busy.” Qin Wanshu’s voice was still soft and beautiful, but the smile on the corner of her lips thickened. It looked like a graceful smile, but only Qin Wanshu knew her current mood of excitement from a fish taking the bait.

  Zuo Qinghuan listened to Qin Wanshu’s voice, which was pleasant to the ears. She didn’t know that Qin Wanshu’s voice was actually deceptive to her true feelings.

  “Did you eat yet?” Zuo Qinghuan looked up a place, which was just right for them to have a meal together.

  ”Not yet.” When Qin Wanshu lied, her eyes didn’t even blink, nor did her expression change. If Zuo Qinghuan saw Qin Wanshu’s plate in front of her was nearly finished, then she would know that she encountered a kindred spirit. Perhaps the number of deceptive words she said was more than hers.

  ”Can we eat together?” Zuo Qinghuan continued to ask.

  ”Okay.” Qin Wanshu didn’t mind having another meal.

  ”Where are you now?” Zuo Qinghuan listened to Qin Wanshu’s agreement and felt a little happy, even her voice was a little higher.

  ”Central Plaza.” Qin Wanshu said softly while looking at the plaza outside.

  ”I’ll pick you up, you wait for me for ten minutes.” Zuo Qinghuan stepped on the accelerator and drove to Central Plaza.

  When Zuo Qinghuan arrived, she easily found Qin Wanshu in the crowd. Qin Wanshu stood in the middle of the plaza with her hand stretched out and a pigeon flying from her palm. Zuo Qinghuan saw the elegant smile on Qin Wanshu’s face and inexplicably found this scene to be very beautiful.

  Zuo Qinghuan didn’t immediately call out to Qin Wanshu but approached her silently.

  ”Hey!” Zuo Qinghuan yelled mischievously like a child who hadn’t grown up. A calm person like Qin Wanshu wouldn’t get scared, Zuo Qinghuan thought to herself.

  As expected, Qin Wanshu just turned her head to look at Zuo Qinghuan in surprise and didn’t get scared. But the pigeon on Qin Wanshu’s palm was frightened and flew away.

  What Qin Wanshu saw was Zuo Qinghuan’s brilliant and simple smile. In fact, she really wanted to “scold her”, but she had cultivated herself to be calm since she was a child. Thus, she wasn’t frightened. But Qin Wanshu didn’t say anything. Instead, she scattered the bird food from her palm.

  “Actually, when I was a child, I wanted to catch these fat pigeons and roast them.” Zuo Qinghuan, the heartless and black-hearted woman, looked at these groups of fat pigeons who weren’t afraid of people and said. In fact, she still wanted to do this now, but now that she’s grown, it wouldn’t be good for her reputation as a fairy sister. These kinds of things could infuriate people. 

  “With that thought, I tried but never caught one.” Zuo Qinghuan said and thought Qin Wanshu’s expression was really strange looking at her. She never caught one, okay! Actually, it wasn’t that she was incapable. Rather, she acted as soon as the pigeons saw her. She just threw herself at the pigeons causing them to fly away, then gave up after. However, Zuo Qinghuan always felt that it was a pity she never caught one.

  Compared with Zuo Qinghuan’s cheerfulness, Qin Wanshu only smiled. Zuo Qinghuan didn’t know that her identity was discovered by Qin Wanshu. Otherwise, she would have known to write “extreme joy turns to sorrow”.1Idiom for don’t celebrate things too soon, things can still go wrong.

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