Willingly Baited – Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

  ”Zuo Qinghuan, you’re so funny.” Qin Wanshu looked at Zuo Qinghuan and smiled suddenly. But Zuo Qinghuan saw that this smile was a little different from Qin Wanshu’s usual smile, how weird.

  ”Hehe…” Zuo Qinghuan laughed awkwardly. It was the first time someone called her funny since she’s been an adult. After a while, Zuo Qinghuan realized that this was the first time Qin Wanshu called her name, both her first and last name.

  ”What do you want to eat?” Qin Wanshu asked.

  ”Anything, I’m not picky.” Zuo Qinghuan felt that Miss Qin liked to eat good food.

  ”Then that one.” Qin Wanshu said, pointing to the restaurant where she just ate at.

  Zuo Qinghuan was a little lightheaded when she saw it. Unexpectedly, it was a French-style restaurant with very complicated etiquette.1So, last chapter it was called a western restaurant. So, people in Asia considers Western food to be anything European and other countries “west” of it. She couldn’t enjoy the French meal. Han Shibin had taken her to eat there once or twice before, but she never wanted to eat it again.

  ”Don’t like it?” Qin Wanshu asked Zuo Qinghuan, who had a complicated expression.

  ”It’s not that I don’t like it. It’s too troublesome.” Zuo Qinghuan felt her scalp numb at the thought of the French dishes and etiquette. Well, she is from a lower class, so she can’t enjoy high-class French cuisine.

  ”Then you decide.” Qin Wanshu also didn’t want to eat another French meal. She wasn’t the one who invited Zuo Qinghuan to eat together, so she didn’t care what the food was. 

  ”Have you ever eaten common people’s food?” Zuo Qinghuan thought that Qin Wanshu ought to be a child who grew up eating delicacies every day. So, she probably doesn’t know the food that is commonly shown on TV.

  ”Of course.” Qin Wanshu felt that she wasn’t such a high-class person.2What she means is that one of those high-class people that absolutely disdains anything that isn’t best of the best or gourmet…who wouldn’t bother eating or looking at common things

  ”That’s good, come with me.” Zuo Qinghuan naturally stretched out her hand and held Qin Wanshu’s hand, leading her to her car.

  Qin Wanshu felt very strange. This really wasn’t normal to get along with a mistress like this. Also, Zuo Qinghuan doesn’t seem to have ill intentions, so what’s this situation? Qin Wanshu was confused for a while.

  Zuo Qinghuan drove to the food street at a nearby university city and stopped in front of a Malatang restaurant.

  Qin Wanshu looked at the dilapidated signboard with the word ‘Malatang’ written on it. She was surprised to see the dining area had no privacy to converse. She thought that Zuo Qinghuan was a gold digger and wouldn’t be polite when it comes to spending Han Shibin’s money. But instead, she came to such a cheap place. In fact, Zuo Qinghuan indeed didn’t hesitate to spend Han Shibin’s money. Zuo Qinghuan is a person who loved money, that’s why she had such a career. However, a lot of the money she earned, she secretly saved. She subconsciously thought that she would become a normal person one day.

  ”Have you been here?” Zuo Qinghuan looked at Qin Wanshu, who was stunned. She felt that it wasn’t nice of her to bring the Eldest Miss to this kind of place. The difference between high-end French cuisine and the roadside stall was too spicy. When Zuo Qinghuan thought about it, she thought it would be interesting. She wondered if Qin Wanshu could still maintain her calm. But in fact, Zuo Qinghuan really hated this sense of difference. Since she was used to eating at roadside stalls and couldn’t get used to eating at high-end restaurants. Some things are carved into the bones. Hence, she also wanted to let Qin Wanshu experience this sense of difference.

  ”Is it clean?” Qin Wanshu first thought of hygiene.

  “Don’t worry. It’s in the university area. There are countless students that work here and maintain it every day. There’s no problem. Unless Miss Qin is too noble to eat this kind of civilian food.” Zuo Qinghuan said with her eyebrows raised.

  Qin Wanshu frowned slightly. She was used to being called Eldest Miss at home and became numb to it. But Zuo Qinghuan calling her Miss Qin sounded a little harsh to her.

  ”I haven’t tried it, but it will be a bit novel.” Qin Wanshu didn’t disappoint Zuo Qinghuan. As soon as she arrived, she quickly settled in.

  ”Can you eat spicy food?”

  ”A little bit.”

  “Wait a minute. It will be ready in a minute.” Soon, Zuo Qinghuan returned with two bowls of fragrant, spicy malatang.

  Zuo Qinghuan placed the malatang in front of Qin Wanshu, indicating that it was ready to be consumed.

  It smells a little fragrant, Qin Wanshu thought secretly. She hesitated for a moment before she picked up the disposable chopsticks and ate slowly.

  Zuo Qinghuan watched Qin Wanshu eat, then picked up her chopsticks to eat as well. Qin Wanshu’s elegant eating style looks out of place in this restaurant, Zuo Qinghuan thought to herself. No, rather, many people nearby were looking at them. Zuo Qinghuan and Qin Wanshu weren’t dressed like the students here, and they were two beautiful women. One was elegant and exquisite, while the other was otherworldly, which attracted people’s attention. Fortunately, it wasn’t the peak time for eating, thus there weren’t many people in the restaurant.

  Qin Wanshu was surprised that it was delicious. After tasting, half the bowl was already consumed into her stomach. She completely forgot that she ate before and temporarily forgot her purpose of eating with Zuo Qinghuan. She discovered that she was very full. It should be known that Qin Wanshu only eats until she’s half-full. Qin Wanshu stopped moving her chopsticks and noticed that Zuo Qinghuan had already finished eating, holding her chin and looking at her.

  “Why are you looking at me?” Qin Wanshu took out a tissue from her bag and gently wiped her mouth, her movements were elegant as usual.

  ”You are beautiful!” Zuo Qinghuan was telling the truth.

  I really am. Qin Wanshu felt she was used to hearing such praise. But, when this praise came from Zuo Qinghuan, who was her junior, she felt uncomfortable when she heard it.

  Qin Wanshu discovered that she got along well with Zuo Qinghuan after she found out Zuo Qinghuan’s identity. It really is incredible. She obviously wanted to teach this woman a lesson.

  “My house is nearby. Would you like to come to my house?” Zuo Qinghuan asked. She still likes to spend time with Qin Wanshu. This feeling was much better than going out with Li Xin. So, she wanted to maintain this good mood and have Qin Wanshu accompany her longer. After all, she had a lot of spare time.

  ”Okay.” Qin Wanshu nodded. She was waiting for this invitation. After Han Shibin hid his mistress away outside, she could only go on the offense to reveal Zuo Qinghuan’s identity. She wanted to see how Zuo Qinghuan would respond.

  This time, Zuo Qinghuan brought home a wolf.

  Qin Wanshu once again went to Zuo Qinghuan’s home. The last time she came, she was in a hurry and didn’t pay much attention to the details. However, this time, Qin Wanshu immediately noticed a pair of large men’s slippers at the door, thinking that all the things that were for men here belonged to Han Shibin. Qin Wanshu couldn’t tell if her heart was suffocated.3She couldn’t tell whether she cared or not that she confirmed that his infidelity is true. Just shows how indifferent she is with him emotionally.

  “You don’t live alone, right?” Qin Wanshu asked casually.

  Zuo Qinghuan saw Qin Wanshu notice the men’s slippers at the door and nodded, “En, I live with my lover, but he’s usually very busy and doesn’t come often.” Zuo Qinghuan told the truth.

  Qin Wanshu noticed that Zuo Qinghuan’s words didn’t use husband or boyfriend, rather lover. Zuo Qinghuan’s words were really subtle.

  ”What kind of man is he?” Qin Wanshu asked curiously. Zuo Qinghuan knew that she would ask her this question.

  “He’s rich, handsome, excellent, and a good lover.” Zuo Qinghuan replied after thinking about it.

  ”Do you love his money? Because you mention wealth first.” Qin Wanshu continued to ask.

  Qin Wanshu is really a woman who can catch onto words, Zuo Qinghuan thought.

  “Not love, like.” Zuo Qinghuan didn’t like the word ‘love’.

  Qin Wanshu was a little surprised. She really couldn’t see any trace of love on Zuo Qinghuan’s nonchalant face. Perhaps Zuo Qinghuan’s favorite quality of Han Shibin is his money. After all, she was married to Han Shibin because he was an equal match to her. Suddenly, she felt that Han Shibin was actually really pitiful.4Cause, both his WIFE and MISTRESS doesn’t genuinely love him LOL. RIP

  Qin Wanshu changed into indoor slippers and followed Zuo Qinghuan into the hall. There was a curved table with two elevated chairs within the hall. The furniture style was quite bourgeoisie, which didn’t match the classical style of her home.

  “I seldom drink tea, would you like coffee?” Zuo Qinghuan asked. Han Shibin was quite fond of coffee, so there’s quite a lot of coffee prepared here.

  ”En.” Qin Wanshu nodded.

  “Actually, I make good coffee. I used to work in a coffee shop.” It seems that she met Han Shibin at a coffee shop. Of course, she used some tricks to catch the sugar daddy at that time.

  Qin Wanshu was aware that her husband liked to drink coffee. He was actually good at making coffee but rarely did so since.

  The coffee-making machine was placed on the curved table. She saw that Zuo Qinghuan was quite skilled at making coffee with her natural movements and serious expression. This feeling of being served with such seriousness felt nice, but Qin Wanshu’s heart felt a little complicated. Perhaps Han Shibin cheated not only because of her own frigidity, rather he might genuinely like Zuo Qinghuan. Zuo Qinghuan was young and beautiful but also appeared to be quite skilled at coaxing men to be happy. Although her actions weren’t due to love, she really does satisfy a man’s ego. 

  “My husband also likes coffee very much, but I’ve never made it for him. I think I can make it myself, but it’s not the same as watching others do it for me.” Qin Wanshu suddenly spoke.

  Zuo Qinghuan was taken aback for a moment, wondering if she was overthinking. She felt that Qin Wanshu mentioned Han Shibin a lot today.

  “He may be reluctant to let you do things you don’t like.” Zuo Qinghuan felt that a wife like Qin Wanshu, the husband would generally not ask for much, otherwise he would be considered too greedy.5Qin Wanshu is such a perfect wife already, so it would be greedy of Han Shibin to “push” QW to have sex with him. And the things she doesn’t like is referring to sex. So, he’s reluctant to make her do such things she doesn’t like.

  ”You seem to know my husband better than me.” Qin Wanshu looked at Zuo Qinghuan with a smile that wasn’t a smile. Zuo Qinghuan’s scalp became numb. She felt that the current Qin Wanshu seemed a little different from before. But she couldn’t pinpoint what exactly was the difference.

  “I’m just guessing, okay. The coffee is ready for you to try.” The aroma of coffee spread throughout every corner of the hall. Even Qin Wanshu, who seldom drinks coffee, felt it was very fragrant. The aroma of coffee is strong, unlike the faint scent of tea.

  Qin Wanshu took the coffee and took a sip. The strong fragrant taste spread on the tip of her tongue. I have to admit that Zuo Qinghuan’s coffee is much better than Han Shibin.

  ”It’s delicious.” Qin Wanshu said sincerely.

  After seeing Qin Wanshu’s expression, Zuo Qinghuan smiled happily. After making it for Han Shibin so many times, she didn’t feel nearly as happy as now.

Novi’s Notes: So, everytime she’s called “Miss Qin”, it’s actually Eldest Miss Qin but I felt like the title was one word too long so I shortened it to Miss Qin. Thus, ZQ is actually calling her Eldest Miss Qin whenever it’s Miss Qin. da xiaojie Qin is what it says in the raws.

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