Willingly Baited – Chapter 15

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Chapter 15

  Shi Yunyang didn’t notice the subtle change in Qin Wanshu’s expression, but the smile on the corners of her lips became stronger due to her interest.

  “Do you know the name of the woman she called out in bed?” Shi Yunyang smiled maliciously.

  ”Who?” Qin Wanshu asked casually, based on Shi Yunyang’s tone, it should be someone she knows. And this person will be part of their social circle and will be an unexpected person.

  “Yan Ruowen, that woman called me Yan Ruowen in bed. I also accidentally saw Yan Ruowen’s picture on that woman’s cellphone. It was clearly a close-up photo. According to my speculation, they definitely got into a fight. Tsk Tsk, Yan Ruowen, that woman is really amazing. She actually plays with women. She’s still a married woman and surprisingly plays around more than me. As expected, the more polite people are, the more you can’t underestimate them. In the end, she couldn’t bear the loneliness…”1Lol indirect jab at QW? She’s the most polite woman in all of high society.

  Yan Ruowen was a peculiar existence. She wasn’t in the same circle as the other Eldest Misses.2This implies her family isn’t from high society. Her husband is Qian Shaowen, the eldest young master of the Qian family. The Qian family is extremely wealthy. But it’s a pity that Qian Shaowen is a sickly person.3Author actually uses the metaphor “medicine jar” since they are so sick so often that their bodies can be considered as storage for medicine with how much they take in their lives. His health has never been good even with the treatment he has access to. When Yan Ruowen married Qian Shaowen, in just a few years, she managed to settle the complex interrelationships within the Qian family between the new and old generation. She monopolized the power of the Qian family and properly took care of the many problems that plagued the Qian family. Yan Ruowen wouldn’t be able to accomplish all that if she wasn’t skilled. However, if this scandal were to spread, it would be a fatal blow to Yan Ruowen. It wasn’t surprising that Shi Yunyang was so happy. This woman has suffered a loss from Yan Ruowen.

  After Qin Wanshu heard this, she was also a little surprised. She had several encounters with Yan Ruowen in the past. Yan Ruowen is an impressive woman whose conduct had always been upright.4Author uses the metaphor ‘not to leak a single drop’ which implies in this case that she’s so upright that no one can really talk shit about her behavior and there’s no scandal about her. However, such a woman partook in similar activities as those pompous young misses and nobles young masters. That sort of entertainment was too extravagant. Unfortunately, this was discovered by the notorious upper-class young lady Shi Yunyang. This sort of thing is fatal for a woman like Yan Ruowen, who had no background and could only rely on her husband.

  “Yan Ruowen, a Cinderella that’s been fighting and climbing for so many years. Finally became the Master. Now I can kick her back to her original place with one move…” At this moment, Yan Ruowen is like a person whose been struggling to swim in the water for a long time and had finally made it to the shore. But with just one kick, she could be thrown back into the water.

  “Leave this matter alone.” Qin Wanshu stood up for Yan Ruowen. Not everyone is born with a golden spoon in their mouth like her and Shi Yunyang. Power wasn’t meant to be used to oppress others. Qin Wanshu knew Shi Yunyang too well. She will toy with others regardless of the consequences.

  “You are very kind to her and even pleaded for her.” Shi Yunyang said with surprise.

  “I don’t care about her. I just feel that it’s a pity for a woman to give another woman a hard time.” Qin Wanshu replied calmly.  

  “Then she shouldn’t be so unbearable. She’ll be knocked down with this scandal. I’m looking forward to her reaction. She’s just a weed and can always survive regardless of the situation. Don’t forget that last time, even under such unfavorable circumstances, that she managed to steal my bid!” It’s rare for such a fun opportunity to come. It’s a pity that the opportunity can’t be used.

  This is also true. Qin Wanshu also thought that Yan Ruowen wasn’t someone who would be easily defeated. That woman has the tenacity that ordinary women don’t have. Qin Wanshu knows that Shi Yunyang doesn’t care that Yan Ruowen stole her bid before. Rather, she knows Shi Yunyang’s temperament too well. She likes drama and didn’t want to let go of this opportunity to be able to watch Yan Ruowen’s performance.

  “That’s up to you, but don’t mess around too much.” Qin Wanshu reminded.

  ”I’m not such a dishonest person.” Shi Yunyang curled her lips in disdain. Although she likes to play, it’s only when the toys are very good.

  “When will there be someone who can cure you?” Qin Wanshu shook her head. Shi Yunyang is too mischievous, just like her own brother Qin Teng, both of them were troublemakers.

  Shi Yunyang raised her eyebrows disapprovingly, then looked at Qin Wanshu’s exquisite face and suddenly thought of something. Then Shi Yunyang bumped her ambiguously with her elbow.

  “I suddenly feel that we make a good couple. How come I never thought of this before? Han Shibin is cheap.” Shi Yunyang said jokingly. The scale of her jokes had always been large.

  Qin Wanshu felt cold and disliked Shi Yunyang’s ambiguous actions. She felt that caterpillars were crawling over the area where Shi Yunyang touched. It made people want to get rid of this discomfort immediately. Compared with that woman Zuo Qinghuan, the woman in front of her had no moral bottom line. When she first attended kindergarten, the girl’s loving father, Father Shi, grabbed her hand earnestly and begged her to take good care of his daughter Shi Yunyang and to guide her. Qin Wanshu, who had never been treated as a child since she was young, reluctantly agreed. Unexpectedly, Shi Yunyang had been stuck with her for more than 20 years. Otherwise, according to Qin Wanshu’s temperament, she wouldn’t have become friends with Shi Yunyang. 

  “Hey, this Eldest Miss is also a super beautiful woman. What do you dislike? I don’t dislike you for being so boring and cold-blooded!” Shi Yunyang raised her eyebrows and said. She also thought she was magnificent. She was only inferior to Miss Qin in regard to accomplishments. She was also considered one of the best and won’t lose face beside Miss Qin.  

  “I’ll be dead before I accept you. Also, that’s not my preference.” Qin Wanshu lightly said. Generally, people who were accepted by Miss Shi were tossed to death by her. Qin Wanshu has no love for this kind of woman, who could only make trouble for her since they were children.

  “That’s natural. I’m such a beautiful person, so not everyone can bear it.” Shi Yunyang was always vain about herself. She didn’t take the joke to heart. Now there were more interesting things waiting for her to play with. Thinking of Yan Ruowen’s reaction, Shi Yunyang was very excited. And the innocent woman who looks like a fox-spirit with a seductive face but with a pure heart was also very interesting.

  Qin Wanshu wasn’t in the mood to drink red wine now. When she saw Shi Yunyang call the gossip group, she didn’t want to partake in Shi Yunyang’s shenanigans. So, she left the club early.

  ‘Want to go out?’ This was what Li Xin usually ask Zuo Qinghuan whenever she wanted to go out to the bar to hang out, but this time, Zuo Qinghuan wasn’t in a good mood. Whenever she recalled Qin Wanshu’s indifferent expression when she said there was no reason to meet again, her mood became crestfallen.5So, ZQ just pick up the phone but LX didn’t actually say that….this is what she expected to hear from LX when she picked up.

  “Little Huan, what to do…” Zuo Qinghuan heard Li Xin’s sobbing voice. Although this wasn’t the first time she saw Li Xin cry, this helplessness was very different from the situation where she couldn’t find love before.

  “I’ll come over right now. You wait for me at home.” Zuo Qinghuan drove to Li Xin’s house immediately.

  As soon as she walked in, she was shocked. The house was neat and clean. The floor was almost gleaming. There were several dishes on the table that was prepared beforehand for who knows how long. It seemed that the situation was even more serious than what she expected. Li Xin would try her best to do housework when she was in a bad mood. According to the degree of her bad mood, the frequency of doing housework varies. Although Li Xin looks like a fox, her style is very bold and unrestrained. But she was also a very traditional person to the bones, which always amazes Zuo Qinghuan.

  “What’s wrong?” Zuo Qinghuan asked anxiously while gently pushing Li Xin, who was sitting on the floor of the hall in a daze.

  “I was drunk and woke up to find myself lying on a bed with a woman. What should I do? I’m afraid that she will dislike me…” Li Xin grabbed Zuo Qinghuan’s hand, and tears fell.

  “It’s not a big deal. It’s easier to go to bed than to have something to eat in today’s society. Don’t think about it too much. You’re just her mistress. She has a husband and doesn’t reserve herself for just you. So, you don’t have to be exclusively hers either.” Zuo Qinghuan felt that Li Xin was really stupid. To be honest, if it wasn’t for her loneliness and being out of her mind, what woman would want to go to the bar every day to get drunk? Although Li Xin was all talk, she never takes action. She blushes whenever she looks at Yan Ruowen. In fact, under her foxy appearance, she hides a heart that is purer than anyone else.

  Because she loves that person too much, she chooses to indulge herself in pain and loneliness whenever she can’t spend time with that person. If Yan Ruowen responds to Li Xin’s feelings, Li Xin would have stayed at home and be the most well-behaved person. When Li Xin just became Yan Ruowen’s mistress, she really didn’t go anywhere. She stayed at home and waited for Yan Ruowen every day. She was more dedicated than a woman from ancient times. But she couldn’t keep waiting for that woman to come see her every two weeks, that period of waiting felt so endless. In the end, Li Xin could no longer endure endlessly waiting and was consumed with loneliness. Hence, she often frequents the bar to get drunk and complain to Zuo Qinghuan. She never had a mishap from frequenting the bar, this is the first.

  Zuo Qinghuan felt uncomfortable seeing Li Xin like this. She felt that she would never love someone like Li Xin to the point of becoming an emotional mess. Because that is really stupid, very stupid, so it was best not to be in love. 

Novi’s Notes:

So, in an earlier chapter Li Xin referred to her lover as Yanruo b to anonymous her. It’s the same person.

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