Willingly Baited – Chapter 16

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Chapter 16

  “Do you think she’ll care?” When Li Xin asked this question, she felt very nervous. She hoped that the answer was yes, but she was also afraid that the answer was yes.

  In fact, Zuo Qinghuan felt that Yan Ruowen might not care, rather Yan Ruowen wouldn’t care at all. Zuo Qinghuan only saw Yan Ruowen from a distance. At that time, Zuo Qinghuan felt that Yan Ruowen had a really big heart. People with big hearts couldn’t afford to love others. Li Xin and her were just icing on the cake.1Having a big heart…according to my speculation it’s letting a lot of people into your lives. She’s willing to accept LX but can’t afford to truly love her. Also, since LX just an ‘extra’ in YR life, she’s just icing on top of the cake that just makes the cake more pretty/sweeter/more calories. She’s not necessary and ppl like the decoration of icing but may scoop it off their cake. This is my take on those two sentences. But right now, Zuo Qinghuan didn’t want to say such words to hurt Li Xin. She was already sad enough. Sometimes, Zuo Qinghuan thinks that Yan Ruowen is too cruel towards Li Xin. If she doesn’t love Li Xin, she needs to stop giving Li Xin hope. This line of hope will make Li Xin want more. Although Li Xin’s face is disastrously seductive, she was doomed to suffer from not being genuinely loved for the rest of her life.2She’s so beautiful that people will always ‘love’ and pamper her, but those people don’t genuinely love her, rather only her face. Thus, she will never get the love she’s looking for. Also her occupation….

  ”Maybe.” Zuo Qinghuan gently patted Li Xin’s back and said comfortingly.

  “Maybe not. Although she said that I should take care of myself, it was because she was afraid that I will cause trouble for her.” Li Xin said with self-mockery. She felt that she was very pitiful, but like all pitiful people, there was hate. Li Xin felt that she was really cheap.

  Zuo Qinghuan sighed internally. Li Xin understood her heart, but she still couldn’t overcome the obstacles in her own heart. It was useless for others to say anything else.

  “When I saw her for the first time, my heart beat faster than ever, and my face was so hot that it was burning. I knew that I was done. She had all the features that I like. Her looks are just my type, her bright eyes are thin and shrewd, along with her thin and delicate lips. She also didn’t like to smile. After being together for so long, I have only seen her smile from the bottom of her heart no more than three times. Her eyes were always cold and strong. She’s really driven. Once she wants to do something, she must do it. She has a very strong temperament and will never show weakness easily. I always hoped that sort of woman could conquer me. She’s fully equipped and could easily conquer my heart…” Li Xin recalls her first encounter with Yan Ruowen. At that moment, she thought Yan Ruowen is a woman created by God just for her.

  In fact, this is how Li Xin vented her emotions. Zuo Qinghuan knew this, so she just listened quietly. If Li Xin vents enough, her emotions will gradually stabilize.3Yo, but isn’t she screwed? Cause that other woman is going to expose her just to make trouble for no reason LOL

  Li Xin’s eyes shined brightly when she talked about Yan Ruowen. Zuo Qinghuan felt that Li Xin was hopeless. Although Yan Ruowen’s temperament is unique, her appearance was only mediocre. It’s far worse than Qin Wanshu’s beauty. The most important thing was that Qin Wanshu is able to stabilize Zuo Qinghuan. She liked her confidence, gentleness, consideration, elegance, and her calmness when dealing with issues. There is nothing about Yan Ruowen that she likes. Her intuition told her that Yan Ruowen was similar to herself to a certain extent. She built a high wall in her heart and tried hard to change her origin and status quo. With the way she lives now, she’s not happy since it goes against her convictions. She seems strong, but her heart was very conflicted. However, she was secretly weak. But Yan Ruowen overcame her own heart in order to strive for more things. Zuo Qinghuan was certain that she had a certain degree of self-loathing, thus she didn’t like Yan Ruowen.    

  Li Xin kept talking for nearly three hours, and it was all about Yan Ruowen. This kind of love is too strong. But after listening to Li Xin’s words, Zuo Qinghuan felt that Yan Ruowen’s feelings were indifferent compared to Li Xin’s deep words of affection. But with the connivance of both sides, one is willing to fight, while the other is willing to endure,4So…basically means you’re willing to withstand anything to achieve something. This phrase goes back to a battle tactic in Ancient times. Basically, before this huge battle, this general went up to his ally to use a “underhanded trick”. The general wanted his ally to beat him up so that he can “surrender” himself to the enemy. Once he gets inside their defenses, he burned up the enemy’s warship. Basically, him getting beat up was consensual and he was willing to endure pain in order to fight and accomplish his end goal. This is a historical reference and the footnote will get too long with the actual details and stuff. so what can outsiders say?

  Li Xin’s mood finally stabilized. After she fell asleep, Zuo Qinghuan tucked in Li Xin and left her house. On the way to her car, Zuo Qinghuan was very depressed. Undoubtedly in Zuo Qinghuan’s mind, Li Xin is definitely a stupid woman, but she felt somewhat distressed for her. Li Xin reminded her of a woman she didn’t want to remember. That woman is even stupider than Li Xin. She has been pursuing illusory love her entire life. That woman’s heart was only occupied by love. It was to the point that her daughter became irrelevant to her. Zuo Qinghuan thought this kind of woman was really stupid.

  Zuo Qinghuan’s car turned into a dirty old street. Right when she was about to reach the familiar dark alley, she braked, turned around, and returned to the main road. She drove to the bar that she often frequented with Li Xin and ordered a lot of wine. Zuo Qinghuan mixed some of the wine together. She was experienced in making drinks since she worked at bars. She had experience in all sorts of jobs, so she knew a little bit of everything. In fact, Zuo Qinghuan doesn’t like to drink, but she likef to look at the attractive color of the wine. Hence, Zuo Qinghuan began to drink uncontrollably. If you drink a variety of wine, you’re more likely to get drunk. She had good alcohol tolerance, but after several cups of wine, she was already tipsy.

  ”Beauty, do you want to drink together?” Many men approached her with this kind of pick-up line.

  ”I’m waiting for someone. She’ll be here soon.” Zuo Qinghuan said defiantly. She knew more about self-protection than Li Xin. Although she wasn’t as loyal as Li Xin, that one-night stand5Author uses ‘419’ which is slang for this word. Cause it sounds like four-one-night lol situation would never happen to her.

  At this time, she got a call from Han Shibin. Zuo Qinghuan really didn’t like that Han Shibin called her at this time, so she turned off her cellphone. Then at that moment, realized that she had a cellphone. She had Qin Wanshu’s number on her cellphone. When she thought of Qin Wanshu, she dialed her number without a second thought.

  When Qin Wanshu returned home, she took a comfortable bath to sweep away today’s depression. When she was ready to go to sleep, she saw she had a call from Zuo Qinghuan. Qin Wanshu didn’t want to answer, but when she saw that the phone kept ringing, she answered the phone unhappily.

  ”Qin Wanshu, do you want to come out for a drink? The mixed wine I made is very good, very good, I drank a lot…” Zuo Qinghuan asked a little drunkenly. Due to her state of drunkenness, she had the guts to keep calling Qin Wanshu.

  Qin Wanshu glanced at her watch. It was almost one o’clock in the morning. That woman was still drinking at the bar and was a little drunk. When she heard the noise of a quarrel over there, Qin Wanshu slightly frowned. This woman was too rude. However, considering that Zuo Qinghuan was just a mistress and not a good woman, there was nothing wrong with her being at a bar.

  “I’m not going. I don’t like that kind of place.” Qin Wanshu refused. The mistress should call for her lover at this time instead of calling her, the wife. In fact, Qin Wanshu is often unkind. Her kindness towards Zuo Qinghuan in the beginning was rare.

  “Qin Wanshu, you’re a really high-ranking Eldest Miss. You also look down on us inferior people too. Hehe, Zuo Qinghuan is really sick. I think of Qin Wanshu a little different from the other rich people…” Zuo Qinghuan said with self-mockery.

  Qin Wanshu frowned even more. She didn’t like Zuo Qinghuan’s tone very much. Obviously, Zuo Qinghuan was in the wrong first. Not to mention her current status as her husband’s mistress. Also, she constantly teased her before. Now, it was considered too nice for her to talk to her politely, but when Zuo Qinghuan said this, it made it look like she was in the wrong instead.

  Qin Wanshu wanted to say something, but the call disconnected. Qin Wanshu told herself that she had nothing to do with that woman. And even if there was a relationship, it was a hostile relationship. However, when she thought about the young, beautiful woman who was still at the bar so late and was still drunk, she couldn’t fall asleep in bed.

  Qin Wanshu got up from the bed very reluctantly, changed her clothes, and got ready to go out. She really wanted to swear in her heart, but she was so cultured that she resisted that urge. Then, she called Zuo Qinghuan.

  Zuo Qinghuan felt that she was really stupid. She had no relations with Qin Wanshu, and their relationship was complicated. Why should Qin Wanshu take care of her? Zuo Qinghuan drank more heavily. Although she felt that drunken rush, her brain was still sober. After seeing a call from Qin Wanshu, her heart trembled, and she answered the call a little nervously.

  Qin Wanshu didn’t speak immediately, which made Zuo Qinghuan’s heart even more nervous.

  ”Where are you?” Qin Wanshu’s tone was still as gentle as ever. She thought that even if she was reluctant to do something, but decided to do it, she didn’t want to make the other person feel neglected. In fact, for the first time, Qin Wanshu hated her good upbringing. It should be known that Qin Wanshu was sick to death at this moment. Most of the night, she was concerned about the mistress who hooked up with her husband and made her wear green hats. Qin Wanshu felt that she was so good that she could be a Mary Sue.

  Zuo Qinghuan felt that Qin Wanshu really wasn’t an ordinary person at all. Was she really willing to pick her up? What’s more, when listening to Qin Wanshu’s tone, she doesn’t seem to be impatient. Zuo Qinghuan’s mood suddenly improved when she thought of this.

Novi’s Notes: So, I caught up to where I want to be. Now, the schedule is 1x/week for this series. I do want to add a disclaimer, this series is quite difficult to translate so I wouldn’t be surprised if stuff were inaccurate to the raws…. >~<;; Trying my best!

So, this is a new short yuri that I’ve completed: <<Stupid Cup>>. This is the same author as <<Next Door There’s Memeda>> and <<My Discipline Consumes Too Much>>.

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