Willingly Baited – Chapter 18

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Chapter 18

  “I can’t sleep with you sticking on me like this.” Qin Wanshu frowned and reached out to move Zuo Qinghuan’s paws away from her abdomen.

  ”Qin Wanshu!” Zuo Qinghuan suddenly called Qin Wanshu’s name.

  ”En?” Qin Wanshu saw that Zuo Qinghuan didn’t continue to have her paws on her abdomen and had her eyes closed again.

  ”Have you ever had an orgasm?” Zuo Qinghuan leaned close to Qin Wanshu’s ear, like a girlfriend secretly talking about a private topic.

  Qin Wanshu turned a deaf ear and didn’t respond to Zuo Qinghuan. She wasn’t interested in this topic. Although at the moment, Qin Wanshu felt that Zuo Qinghuan wanted to gossip, rather than deliberately trying to embarrass her.

  ”Don’t you want to try that taste?” Zuo Qinghuan’s fingers were gently wrapped around Qin Wanshu’s hair. She pulled it closer to her nose and smelled it, it was really fragrant. At last, Zuo Qinghuan finally understood why Li Xin liked women.

  Qin Wanshu still didn’t respond and even breathed evenly as if she was asleep.

  ”That feeling is really wonderful. It would be a shame if you haven’t tasted it.” Zuo Qinghuan’s gaze shifted from Qin Wanshu’s side profile to Qin Wanshu’s neck. Her neck was so sexy that she had the urge to take a nip.

  With her eyes closed, Qin Wanshu’s senses became very sensitive. She felt Zuo Qinghuan’s gaze on her, as well as those erotic and affectionate words she said, made Qin Wanshu open her eyes again. She looked at Zuo Qinghuan’s eyes with complicated eyes that her emotions were indistinguishable.

  ”Should we try? Maybe I can cure your frigidity.” Zuo Qinghuan’s lips almost touched Qin Wanshu’s white neck. At the moment when Zuo Qinghuan almost touched it, Qin Wanshu’s body became tense, and Qin Wanshu suddenly pushed Zuo Qinghuan away.

  ”Zuo Qinghuan, if you continue to harass me, I will leave immediately.” Qin Wanshu warned Zuo Qinghuan, it really was the wrong decision to stay.

  ”Okay la, I won’t bother you, let’s sleep together.” Zuo Qinghuan said dejectedly. She knew that Qin Wanshu was serious, and she didn’t want Qin Wanshu to go back in the middle of the night, so Zuo Qinghuan had to stop being mischievous. She really wanted to seduce Qin Wanshu and break the taboo, but Qin Wanshu doesn’t like to be seduced. She couldn’t act too strongly, she had to slowly nibble away. Qin Wanshu has been tormented until so late, so I’ll let her go tonight. There will be more opportunities in the future.

  Zuo Qinghuan laid down peacefully, closed her eyes, and soon fell asleep. On the contrary, Qin Wanshu, who was sleepy, was unable to sleep due to Zuo Qinghuan’s mischief.

 Frigid, am I really frigid? Qin Wanshu had never paid attention to this issue before getting to know Zuo Qinghuan. Although she had never had an orgasm that Zuo Qinghuan mentioned, was that important? Maybe it was important, otherwise Han Shibin would have never cheated. Qin Wanshu was a little upset when she thought of this. For the first time, Qin Wanshu thought that maybe she should try this kind of thing, which cast a shadow over her marriage and Han Shibin’s so-called love. Then she shook her head and smiled. She really was influenced by Zuo Qinghuan. Otherwise, how could she have such a ridiculous idea?

  Qin Wanshu looked at Zuo Qinghuan’s face, and thought of this seemingly fairy-like face that looked so pure-hearted but had been wantonly under Han Shibin. Qin Wanshu’s mood was somewhat complicated. It seemed that she didn’t like thinking of this scene. Qin Wanshu turned her head and didn’t want to look at her again. Instead, she laid with her back to her. She turned off the light at the head of the bed and closed her eyes again.1Probably built in light at the head of the bed for reading books and such at night. I usually see these at 4-5* hotels.

  Qin Wanshu woke up first and found that Zuo Qinghuan was close to her again without her knowing. Her face was buried in her neck, and her hands were on her abdomen. It was strange, she rarely sleeps so deeply to the point that she didn’t notice this.

  Qin Wanshu looked at her watch and found that it was past ten o’clock. She rarely slept in so late. So, she gently pushed Zuo Qinghuan.

  ”Zuo Qinghuan, it’s time to get up.” When Qin Wanshu just woke up, her voice was so soft that it couldn’t become any softer.

  Zuo Qinghuan opened her eyes and saw Qin Wanshu’s exquisite and beautiful face and held onto Qin Wanshu’s body again.

  “Sleep with me more…” Zuo Qinghuan said coquettishly and rubbed Qin Wanshu’s chest. She thought she acted like a little girl who was lying in bed. She was so cute that Qin Wanshu didn’t realize that Zuo Qinghuan ate her tofu.

  ”Then you continue to sleep, I’ll get up first.” Qin Wanshu wanted to break away from Zuo Qinghuan, who was hanging on her body, and said softly.

  ”No, just let me hold you.” Zuo Qinghuan said capriciously.

  Qin Wanshu couldn’t break away from this octopus-like creature, so she had no choice but to continue to lie down to accompany someone.

  ”Qin Wanshu, what will you do now?” Zuo Qinghuan, who was already awake, asked after an unknown period of time.

  ”What?” Qin Wanshu didn’t know what Zuo Qinghuan asked. She wasn’t used to Zuo Qinghuan’s jumping topics.

  “What will you do now that you know your husband is cheating? Will you get a divorce?” Zuo Qinghuan asked these two questions in succession.

  ”No divorce.” Qin Wanshu replied calmly.

  ”Why not leave?” Zuo Qinghuan asked. Sometimes it wasn’t a virtue for a woman to be too forgiving.

  “What about it? Even if he left, maybe the next one will be the same. Besides, I can’t control his mind or body.” Qin Wanshu thought that she might be able to tolerate Han Shibin’s infidelity.

  ”Why look for another one?”

  ”Isn’t it normal for a woman to get married?” In Qin Wanshu’s view, this was reasonable in a marriage. Even if she didn’t marry Han Shibin, she would still marry another man like everyone else. So, Qin Wanshu didn’t intend to be an exception. She wanted to find someone to slowly grow old together. Even if she didn’t love him, she still had the feeling that they could get along and grow old together. Moreover, Han Shibin had been good to her for so many years, which can’t be completely erased because of his infidelity.

  Not all women get married. At the very least, they intend to stay single. In fact, Qin Wanshu was quite traditional, Zuo Qinghuan thought to herself.

  ”Then how are you going to deal with me as the mistress?” Zuo Qinghuan asked curiously.

  ”I haven’t figured it out yet.” Qin Wanshu told the truth, “Do you have any awareness as the mistress who was discovered by the wife? You know, the wife generally wouldn’t let this situation continue.” Qin Wanshu said in her rare relaxed tone.

  ”I don’t have any consciousness. I still want to make a log of money from the benefactor so I can save up money for a pension in the future once I become old and my beauty fades.” Zuo Qinghuan said with a smile.

  “How much does Han Shibin give you? How much can I give you so that you can leave Han Shibin?” Qin Wanshu asked, as if a problem that can be solved with money wasn’t a problem at all.

  “It’s not the same. I spend Han Shibin’s money willingly as a business transaction. One is willing to buy while the other is willing to sell. I don’t want to use your money since I don’t like accepting alms.” Zuo Qinghuan said with a frown.

  Qin Wanshu raised the corners of her mouth slightly and thought this was interesting.  

  “You also see this as a business transaction. I’m buying you to leave my husband.” Qin Wanshu said lightly.

  When Zuo Qinghuan heard this, her good mood suddenly sank. She didn’t mind doing business with Han Shibin, because she didn’t mind being despised by Han Shibin, but she minded doing business with Qin Wanshu a lot because she cared about being despised by Qin Wanshu. Zuo Qinghuan has always thought that she was a little different from Qin Wanshu. But now it seems that she was just being indulgent. This felt a little ironic to Zuo Qinghuan, and the inferiority complex hidden under her self-protected consciousness began to bubble again.2This is sad, ZQ thought at some point she was just slightly inferior to QW and they were almost equals. She just realized their differences (in wealth) when QW offer to buy her off and also that QW isn’t as attracted to her as a person as she once thought.

  ”But I don’t want to do business with you. I found that I actually quite like Han Shibin.” Zuo Qinghuan said with a smile, as if there were unspeakable feelings. Then her body silently retreated from Qin Wanshu’s body.

  Qin Wanshu raised her eyebrows slightly. This woman seemed to care about herself and seemed to be very sensitive.3She noticed that ZQ doesn’t want to lose her connection with her or sensitive in doing a cheap deal with her. Thinking of this, Qin Wanshu felt a little complicated in her heart. This was probably why she couldn’t be so cruel with dealing with her, but also indulged Zuo Qinghuan beyond her imagination.

  ”Really?” Qin Wanshu asked Zuo Qinghuan and looked at Zuo Qinghuan with a smile.

  Zuo Qinghuan felt as if she was caught red-handed in a lie by Qin Wanshu and was very uncomfortable being seen through by Qin Wanshu.

Author’s Notes:

I was so sleepy when I wrote this just now. Fortunately, today is the weekend. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have written so late and there wouldn’t be a chapter. I have been so diligent recently…

I’ll get more sleep tomorrow morning…

 What, it turned out nothing happened…

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