Willingly Baited – Chapter 2

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Executive Summary: Zuo Qinghuan never realized she had the potential to be a pervert.

Chapter 2

Qin Wanshu tied a neat tie for Han Shibin. Han Shibin likes Qin Wanshu the most at this moment. At this time, she was very concerned as his wife and her beautiful face was serious. Although Han Shibin knew that Qin Wanshu was very serious no matter what she did. Yes, apart from that, Qin Wanshu was almost a perfect woman.

“Let’s have dinner together this evening, I have an appointment at a restaurant …” Han Shibin looked at Qin Wanshu’s impeccable face and was a little dazed. No matter how many times he saw it, he always felt the same as when he first saw Qin Wanshu like he saw a goddess.

“I want to attend a charity auction with my grandfather this evening. Grandpa likes the blue and white vase.” Qin Wanshu said with slight regret.

“It doesn’t matter, it’s important to accompany grandpa.” Han Shibin didn’t dare rob Qin Zheng’s granddaughter. Qin Wanshu is the proudest granddaughter of Qin Zheng, that is, those male grandsons are not even a tenth as good and loved as Qin Wanshu. The Qin family was different from ordinary rich families. Their ancestors were chief government officials in the Ming and Qing dynasties. With their accumulations of wealth and power, the offspring of the Qin family had lived for many generations working hard to improve themselves. Qin Zheng especially spent his lifetime making the Qin family flourish at its peak and was a rich merchant that had influence and wealth that had accumulated for generations. He was influential, self-restraint, friendly and resembled an aristocrat. Qin Zheng especially loved calligraphy and painting antiques and had very high appreciation capability. Since Qin Wanshu was a child, she was beside Qin Zheng’s ear and his contagious ability trickled to her until green was born of blue but beats blue.1Idiom – the student becomes superior to the master

The Han family had a deep background, otherwise it wouldn’t be possible for him to marry Qin Wanshu. However, their family background wasn’t the same as the Qin family, instead they were an upstart family. Han Shibin was their only son and he was handsome and capable. Also, since he was the son of Tianjiao, it was rare that he wasn’t arrogant as a rich second generation. Qin Wanshu looked at her husband who took good care of her. As long as she was home, he would come back home on time. When he went out to socialize, he didn’t drink alcohol and didn’t have the scent of a woman’s perfume on him. He would always appear in front of her fresh. In fact, Han Shibin was really impeccable, but Qin Wanshu always felt something was missing.

Qin Wanshu held Qin Zheng’s arm and appeared at the auction. Qin Wanshu’s hair was pulled up high and her delicate makeup complemented her features and made her look even more delicate with her well-tailored evening dress. Her elegant temperament made people feel as if she was a real aristocrat. Qin Zheng was eighty-five years old, but he looked very spirited and restrained. As soon as the two people appeared, everyone’s eyes gathered on them.

Everyone knew that when Mr. Qin appeared at antique auctions, he will be accompanied by Miss Qin. Although she has been married to the Han family for five years, she was still called Miss Qin, not Mrs. Han. It could be seen that Qin Wanshu was favored by the Qin family.  

Qin Zheng wasn’t present at all the auctions, but when he was present, he will obtain it. Everyone was afraid of the Qin family’s influence and didn’t dare to compete with him. Even if no one competed with him, Mr. Qin’s price wasn’t low. It could be seen that Mr. Qin was very generous at heart.

Qin Wanshu carefully and seriously looked at the blue and white porcelain with the bottom of her heart. She wrote a number on a notebook and passed it to Qin Zheng. Qin Zheng looked at the number Qin Wanshu wrote and nodded with satisfaction. After seeing her grandfather nod, Qin Wanshu held up a sign for the blue and white porcelain and gave a reasonable valuation of the price. Mr. Qin was eccentric. He believes that something good shouldn’t be allowed to be sold cheaply. He will always have a reasonable price in his heart and hopes that this self-determined price will be recognized by others. For decades, it was difficult to find a confidant which caused him loneliness. But after some decades, his granddaughter who he personally cultivated to his own appreciation level and had the same tacit understanding as him. Even in the future, green was born of blue but beats blue. How couldn’t she be his granddaughter?

Returning to the Qin family’s ancestral home, Qin Zheng took his granddaughter to the study. Almost everything in the study was a valuable antique, they varied from the largest size of vases which were shiny and bright to as small as the inkstone on the desk.  

Qin Zheng carefully touched the blue and white porcelain that was just purchased and felt more and more satisfied with it. The glaze color and craftsmanship were excellent.

“This was made in the Xuande period of the Ming Dynasty. Xuande wares are relatively thick, densely decorated with a slightly blue underglaze which had many different types which ranged from four- or six-characters and was the ‘foremost example for Xuande blue and white’. Generally speaking, Xuande had a large amount of blue and white flowers which all differ and had a wide range of influence. Therefore, there was a saying that ‘It was the first to declare Xuande’.” Although it has been a few years since Grandpa tested her, he still liked to test her.

Qin Zheng likes to test Qin Wanshu. Qin Zheng knew that wealth and honor was easy to obtain, but how could wealth and honor be substituted to raise a capable child.

Qin Wanshu stayed with the Qin family and Han Shibin naturally went to Zuo Qinghuan.

After finishing, Zuo Qinghuan looked at Han Shibin who was asleep. Her flirtatious eyes lightly glided over Han Shibin’s handsome face. Han Shibin fulfilled the requirements of a hero in a romance novel. He was handsome and golden. She really likes Han Shibin. Afterall, she hasn’t met a better man than Han Shibin, but it wasn’t only limited to being beautiful. Even if the clothes were the same, he would wear the clothes better. For Han Shibin, maybe she was a useful tool, but wasn’t Han Shibin the same as her? Zuo Qinghuan slightly raised the corner of her mouth, her smile was clearly full of mockery, the clean and kind face dissipated and became ruthless and indifferent. This was the real Zuo Qinghuan, hiding under the most deceptive skin.

Zuo Qinghuan felt that her own psychology was getting more and more distorted. Just now while she was under the man’s body to cater to his desires, her brain unexpectedly recalled Qin Wanshu who she met a few days ago. She thought of the woman’s delicate and extremely soft features as if that woman was different from her own world. When she thought of that woman, her body was more excited than usual. Zuo Qinghuan has never realized she had the potential to be a pervert. Otherwise, why would she think of her during sexual intercourse? Why did she wonder if Qin Wanshu felt pleasure during sexual relations? Why was Qin Wanshu only attached to Han Shibin’s heart but failed to capture his body?  

Zuo Qinghuan didn’t have a clear concept of gender. She was so big that no woman could attract her. Even Li Xin, who had a bewitching appearance couldn’t attract her and for men, she only likes Han Shibin so far, because he was refined, outstanding and well-off and also because Han Shibin has many benefits. However, at this moment, Zuo Qinghuan had a strong interest with the woman who shared the same man with her.

In the corner of Qin Zheng’s study, there was a picture of a lady. Qin Wanshu looked at the woman in the picture and suddenly recalled the woman who mistaken her for someone else in the shopping mall a few days ago. The woman in the picture didn’t look like that woman, but they were the same type. She was as elegant as a fairy. Maybe every man has a fairy sister hidden in his mind and Grandpa was no exception.

“Grandpa, when was this picture painted?” She saw this picture when she was a child, but when she became older, she recognized it as one of her grandfather’s works, so now she finally asked this question.

“Grandpa dreamt her once when he was young. He drew this woman according to the memory in his dreams, maybe it was a woman he met in his previous life.”2Uhhh he talks about himself in the third person… Qin Zheng looked at the portrait of the lady, and said with a smile as if he was younger and less frivolous.

Qin Wanshu also smiled faintly.

Han Shibin got up early in the morning. First, he took a shower, then changed into a new suit. He never left the taste of Zuo Qinghuan on his body, out of caution and respect for Qin Wanshu. He packed up before driving to the Qin family’s estate to pick Qin Wanshu up.  

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