Willingly Baited – Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

  “Tsk tsk, Xiao Huan, you’re dressed like a cute and pure little girl, you look so sweet and young now, exactly like your unexplored little anal hole.” Li Xin exaggeratedly said while holding milk tea when Zuo Qinghuan arrived. Zuo Qinghuan was really deceptive.

Zuo Qinghuan obviously was the same type of product as her, but she looked like a fox spirit. Although Li Xin never wanted to admit it, she was called a fox spirit at the age of 13. Li Xin had no choice but to accept her appearance.

  Zuo Qinghuan, who usually dressed like a wise and virtuous woman, wore a simple white T-shirt and dark blue jeans with her long straight hair tied up. She looked like she was only 17 or 18 years old and really looked like a pure little lily.

  ”If I were a daisy, you would be a broken flower, a withered one!” Zuo Qinghuan’s poisonous tongue was no worse than Li Xin, but there was a serious sense of contradiction because her appearance did not match someone who would be bullied by others. 

  ”You’re jealous that I look so gorgeous.” Li Xin dismissed Zuo Qinghuan’s poisonous tongue. Instead she flirted with Zuo Qinghuan, and the man behind Zuo Qinghuan was electrified and blankly stared.

  Li Xin was still dressed very coquettishly as if she wanted to blind everyone’s eyes and cater to the public’s taste. Zuo Qinghuan coldly snorted and the woman in her mind, who also catered to the public’s taste, was forgotten from her memory.

  ”Say, what about that Han Shibin person?” Li Xin gossipy asked.

  ”It seems that he went to Europe to discuss a project.” Zuo Qinghuan said with uncertainty, as if she didn’t care about the man’s whereabouts or that he will be gone for more than a month. He would still pay the monthly maintenance fee on time.

  “To have two women left alone together in a vacant room, his wife and mistress will have fun…” Li Xin smiled indecently and approached Zuo Qinghuan, then softly said to herself, ‘I don’t know how many laps she circled, but she wished the whole world was bent.’

She always thought that it was a waste for Zuo Qinghuan to be with a man. She intuitively felt this seemingly pure on the surface and gloomy interior woman would be very energetic in bed. Cheap men weren’t as good as cheap women. And desecrating Qin Wanshu’s noble and inviolable appearance, if she was violated by Zuo Qinghuan, how wonderful would it be, plus their relationship would have a sense of taboo full of meaning and lust between them, which gave Li Xin a dark feeling.

  ”I suddenly discovered that what you think defines what you are on the outside.” She didn’t blame Li Xin for growing up to be a fox spirit. This fox spirited woman was more interested in lewd and illicit sexual relations.1LX is saying lewd things, so her fox spirit appearance is born from her heart.

  ”Nonsense!” Li Xin burst out laughing uncontrollably, she might’ve believed it if someone else told her what you think defines what you are on the outside, but when the same phrase came from Zuo Qinghuan she would merely treat it as a tasteless joke.

  ”Yi, isn’t that person Qin Wanshu? How could she appear on this street?” Li Xin’s eyes were fixed on Qin Wanshu who wasn’t far away. She was flabbergasted and said to Zuo Qinghuan next to her.

  As expected, Zuo Qinghuan saw Qin Wanshu in the direction Li Xin indicated, and was surprised. That woman was obviously someone who would come to this old street. Although this old street was very busy, it was typically dirty. Besides, the elegant dress and noble temperament were totally different from the street environment and crowd. This scene reminded Zuo Qinghuan of that pretentious phrase. The immortal fairy that fell from the heavens. She was still calm and indifferent when she was whistled by a group of naughty teenagers. She had no choice but to lament the rest of her thoughts, but Zuo Qinghuan thought that this woman had some problems with her brain. Obviously, she wasn’t the type of person to come to this kind of place. What was she doing here?

  ”That woman looks so elegant. There are so many people watching her.” In fact, Li Xin wanted to whistle at Qin Wanshu. Such a woman usually didn’t dare to flirt, but when she immersed herself in such an environment of flirting, she felt the urge to flirt with others. Zuo Qinghuan said one thing that was right, that is that human nature was inferior.

  There were more and more people looking at Qin Wanshu, and more and more people whistled at Qin Wanshu, but Qin Wanshu still appeared impassive on the surface, but only Zuo Qinghuan could feel her uneasiness.

  ”My woman looks like a rich person, but Qin Wanshu looks like a noblewoman. She’s very popular.” Li Xin continued to lament that if Yan Ruo was the best among women, then Qin Wanshu was the best among the best. Beautiful women always itch to trample on others. Although she seemed to be the one who was severely trampled by Yan Ruo, it was estimated that she stayed with Zuo Qinghuan for a long time and her heart was distorted to a certain degree. 

  ”I can make that woman’s calm expression disappear.” Zuo Qinghuan said while meaningfully looking at Qin Wanshu.

  ”Impossible.” Li Xin’s intuition said that woman was one of few people whose face wouldn’t change even if Mount Tai collapsed.

  Zuo Qinghuan took the unfinished milk tea from Li Xin’s hands, walked in front of Qin Wanshu, then spilled it. Everyone was stunned. Li Xin didn’t expect Zuo Qinghuan to be so poisonous to pour her milk tea on people on the street. She was so surprised that an egg could almost fit in her mouth.

  Qin Wanshu obviously didn’t expect that she would be covered in milk tea on the street. Her elegant and delicate face was frozen. She looked at the culprit angrily and saw a familiar face, then froze for a while.

  ”I’m sorry, I accidentally bumped into you. Are you okay?” Zuo Qinghuan said apologetically and sincerely as if she didn’t deliberately bump into her. Everyone was confused by Zuo Qinghuan’s innocent eyes and sincere attitude. It was too wasteful for this woman not to be an actress. However, the eyes of the masses were bright and Zuo Qinghuan lied with her eyes open. Everyone waited for the elegant woman to explode. Everyone believed that the most elegant person couldn’t help but get angry in this situation. All of a sudden, everyone was very interested in the play.

  Qin Wanshu has never seen such a shameless person, and this woman was the person who hugged her in the mall. Although she was very unhappy, she resisted the desire to get angry. She always felt that a person wouldn’t pour her drink for no reason, there should be a reason, and Qin Wanshu comforted herself. 

  ”My home is nearby. May I take you home to change clothes?” Zuo Qinghuan asked with concern, leaving the person beside her in a confused state. What kind of situation was this?

  ”No need.” Qin Wanshu pulled out a smile which was Qin Wanshu’s most reluctant smile in her 30 years. Although her body was uncomfortable from the milk tea, she didn’t want to follow the culprit to change her clothes. Qin Wanshu’s unexpected lack of anger disappointed the onlookers.

  As expected, she was a well-bred woman. Zuo Qinghuan thought to herself that if she was her and someone poured a drink on her, she wouldn’t give up until she retaliated with three cups poured back on them.

  “I have to insist, otherwise, my conscience will feel uneasy. You will be more comfortable.” Zuo Qinghuan pulled Qin Wanshu away and didn’t let her refuse.

  ’You know I’m uncomfortable, but you still poured it on me.’ Qin Wanshu wanted to question Zuo Qinghuan, but didn’t say anything. Maybe it was because Zuo Qinghuan’s appearance was similar to the woman from her grandfather’s painting. Although Qin Wanshu was angry about this, she didn’t hate Zuo Qinghuan.2Just to clarify, she just straight up walked to QW and poured the cup on her in front of everyone and acted all innocent…she didn’t even try to “bump” into her

  On the side, Li Xin watched Zuo Qinghuan pull Qin Wanshu away, then realized that Zuo Qinghuan left her behind.

  Qin Wanshu was in the front passenger seat and looked at Zuo Qinghuan’s extremely clean face. She couldn’t find a trace of guilt or embarrassment on her face from her lies being exposed.

  “Didn’t you say that your home was nearby?” Qin Wanshu asked if they hadn’t arrived after twenty minutes of driving.

  ”Did I say that?” Zuo Qinghuan turned to Qin Wanshu and raised a smile like a white lotus.

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