Willingly Baited – Chapter 4

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Qin Wanshu looked at Zuo Qinghuan’s smile for a moment. The smile was as elegant as a lotus flower, it wasn’t cheeky. Qin Wanshu didn’t speak, just looked at Zuo Qinghuan’s face quietly, as if appreciating a painting. While Zuo Qinghuan’s face was like a painting to Qin Wanshu, it was much more realistic than just a painting.  

“How did you get there?” Zuo Qinghuan couldn’t ignore Qin Wanshu’s gaze, which wasn’t hot or cold, it was as if she was looking at an insignificant object. Zuo Qinghuan didn’t like being looked at like this at all, so she found a topic to divert Qin Wanshu’s attention from herself.   

“I went to the nearby auction house and when I left, I was passing that old street. I never been there before, so when I saw the excitement, I was curious and entered.” Qin Wanshu said softly. In fact, the reason she entered the old street today was on a whim.  

“You shouldn’t go there.” Zuo Qinghuan said lightly. 

“Why?” Qin Wanshu asked, raising her eyebrows slightly, as if this statement was quite novel.  

“It’s a mess there.” Zuo Qinghuan didn’t think Han Shibin would want his wife to go there, but does he have to worry so much? His wife could take care of herself.   

“Then why did you go?” Qin Wanshu looked at Zuo Qinghuan with a smile and asked. She was a little interested in this woman. 

“I’m not like you.” Zuo Qinghuan frowned. She hated Qin Wanshu’s ridiculous smiling expression, it shows that she was nosy. 

“What’s different?” Qin Wanshu continued to ask. 

“It’s not the same anywhere.” Zuo Qinghuan replied angrily with annoyance. She was teasing her. She could see it with her own eyes they were different. She and her lived in two different worlds. She was struggling for survival in an evil environment and at first glance, this woman was very much loved. She didn’t know how much money it took to pile up her wealth and conservative temperament. She doesn’t know how sinister and miserable the world is!  

“I don’t have any eyes.” Qin Wanshu said with a smile, and her mood suddenly improved. This woman was much kinder than expected, which made Qin Wanshu have a little good feeling for Zuo Qinghuan. Although Zuo Qinghuan looked very tender at this moment, Qin Wanshu can see that this woman is definitely not a seventeen or eighteen-year-old girl. Her eyes can’t deceive people, as there were some indifference and sophistication in those eyes.   

“I’m not afraid that you’ll get into trouble …” Zuo Qinghuan said and laughed very strangely and unnaturally while looking at Qin Wanshu. Zuo Qinghuan, always considered herself a bad woman, who didn’t like being treated as a good person at all. It was a strange thing, but when she said it, it felt like she was concealing something. It made Zuo Qinghuan spit on herself a hundred times in her heart for being too meddlesome.  

“You’re not suitable to go there, or it’s a pity that you don’t eat the food of common mortals.”1Means placing oneself above the common populace Qin Wanshu was moved. Although this woman looks like a fairy, she wasn’t a fairy at heart.  

Zuo Qinghuan was also a little uneasy to be seen by Qin Wanshu. Zuo Qinghuan raised the corner of her mouth from the slight irony that wasn’t perceived by others. It was really ironic.  

The inside of the car was quiet afterwards, but the car soon arrived at Han Shibin’s golden house he uses to keep his mistress.2A magnificent house built for a beloved woman 

Zuo Qinghuan took Qin Wanshu to the door. She was thinking what would Qin Wanshu feel if she knew that this woman right in front of her was raised outside by her husband? Zuo Qinghuan felt that she would feel disgusted.   

“I’ll get a clean set of clothes for you to change into.” Zuo Qinghuan went into the room, picked clothes that looked suitable for Qin Wanshu. She took out a brand-new undergarment and switched it with the clothes that had a large cup of milk tea poured over it. The clothes should have been soaked.  

Qin Wanshu looked a little embarrassed at the new black bra. 

“What’s wrong? Don’t like it?” Zuo Qinghuan asked and raising up an eyebrow. Did she despise her clothing style? 

“Small.” Qin Wanshu said awkwardly. 

“You look almost as tall as me. You don’t look small.” Zuo Qinghuan looked at Qin Wanshu again from top to bottom, then suddenly realized when she looked at Qin Wanshu’s chest again. Although she knew that Qin Wanshu had a good figure from when she hugged the wrong person last time. She didn’t have a deep understanding at that time. According to women’s eyes who are critical of other women, Qin Wanshu really was impeccable. She was really jealous. Zuo Qinghuan felt that this kind of original match has brought serious pressure to the mistress, ah. 

Qin Wanshu was better than her, so she doesn’t know why Han Shibin’s family would still keep a mistress outside. Qin Wanshu’s frigidity was a nineteen out of ten. Thinking of this, Zuo Qinghuan’s eyes were much obscener when she looked at Qin Wanshu, which made Qin Wanshu feel extremely unnatural.  

Qin Wanshu thought Zuo Qinghuan’s eyes were strange, but she couldn’t say what was strange in particular. She always felt she was a little repulsed when she looked at herself.   

“There’s no way that it’s that big. You can choose to wear it or not.” Zuo Qinghuan smiled. The smiling face was obviously gloating and she also added a sentence filled with bad intentions, “If it was me, I would choose not to wear it, after all, it’s small, it would be very suffocating.” Zuo Qinghuan was really good at gossiping. What would this well-educated woman who looks virtuous and dignified choose? 

In fact, Qin Wanshu didn’t want to choose between the two, instead she wanted to call someone to send over some clothes. But looking at the woman’s appearance, she would be very unhappy if clothing was sent to her. She felt that this woman’s self-esteem was very strong and doesn’t like to be rejected. She felt that this woman is rarely good to people, but when she was good to people, she was concerned about being splashed with cold water. But if she took into account this woman’s feelings, she would be aggrieved. Qin Wanshu looked at Zuo Qinghuan and hesitated.  

Qin Wanshu with a good upbringing chose to care about the other person’s feelings, and somewhat reluctantly took the small bra and went into the bathroom. 

Zuo Qinghuan still couldn’t hide her smile. Why does bullying Qin Wanshu make people feel happy?  

After Qin Wanshu washed, Zuo Qinghuan unexpectedly found that her clothes were surprisingly suitable on Qin Wanshu’s body. It seemed to be tailor-made for Qin Wanshu. It was even more suitable than when she wore it. Zuo Qinghuan began to become jealous. This woman clearly attacks her existence.   

“The clothes fit well.” In addition to the one inside, Qin Wanshu looked at herself in the mirror and said with a smile. She was also surprised that the clothes fit her so well.  

“Are you uncomfortable?” Zuo Qinghuan approached Qin Wanshu, pretending to be concerned. She clearly had bad intentions similar to the saying ‘beware of suspicious folk bearing gifts, they are sure to be ill-intentioned’.  

“It’s okay.” Qin Wanshu naturally won’t make herself look embarrassed, especially when there was a woman so unsympathetic. The same unsympathetic woman doesn’t need to be so close, especially close enough to her ears to talk. It seems that she has bad intentions and although their relationship looks very close, they didn’t know each other until today, Qin Wanshu thought secretly.  

“By the way, what’s your name?” Qin Wanshu suddenly realized that she didn’t know the woman’s name yet. 

“Zuo Qinghuan, how about you?” Zuo Qinghuan asked back. 

Zuo Qinghuan, Qinghuan, it sounds good, but it’s not good for a woman to have such a name.3Zuo – left/queer; Qing – frivolous/light/easy; Huan – happy 

“My name is Qin Wanshu.” Qin Wanshu replied. 

“Qin Wanshu is very suitable for you. At first glance, it means to suppress desire. Unlike me, who is lighthearted but not virtuous.” Zuo Qinghuan looked at Qin Wanshu, said with a smile.4Qin – surname of course; Wan – to retrieve/obtain; Shu – comfort; maybe its a different Chinese character stroke Qinghuan is talking about or she’s just trying to make a big play next chapter implying Wanshu suppresses her desire – doesn’t like sex. 

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