Willingly Baited – Chapter 6

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Chapter 6 

  When Qin Wanshu returned, she immediately went into her bathroom and took off the clothes that weren’t hers. As the clothes fell off one by one, her voluptuous figure was revealed. The slender and long legs were plump, full, beautiful, and proportional. The slim and soft waist was like a willow branch, which made people desire to hold it with one hand. This woman must be meticulously carved by God as her body was so amazingly perfect.  

  Qin Wanshu slowly stepped into the bathtub full of hot water. The hot water caressed her smooth skin causing Qin Wanshu to close her eyes comfortably. She couldn’t help but replay what had just happened in her mind. Only then did she realize that the scene of getting along with the woman named Zuo Qinghuan was a bit unbelievable. Firstly, the woman spilt milk tea on her, then brought her back to her home for a change of clothes, and somehow talked about that strange topic. This wasn’t how a stranger who she has only met twice ought to behave. Qin Wanshu carefully thought over the scene of her first encounter with Zuo Qinghuan. It seems that at that time, she saw her face and was slightly stunned as if she already knew who she was before, but she couldn’t recall how she could have known that woman. Maybe she was being too self-conscious.  

  Qin Wanshu thought of Zuo Qinghuan’s mischievous smile, just like a mischievous little girl who succeeded in a prank. Although it was a bit hateful, but fortunately her skin was good while being deceitful.1Meaning she was a good-looking woman so she will let her off, otherwise she would have said something Otherwise she would be in a bad mood. Qin Wanshu didn’t expect that she would be influenced by other people’s appearance one day. Qin Wanshu shook her head with a smile and Zuo Qinghuan left her head.  

  The next day, Qin Wanshu didn’t personally return the clothes, instead she sent the housekeeper to return the clothes to Zuo Qinghuan. Zuo Qinghuan saw that it wasn’t her original set of clothes, but a new set in the same brand and style. The children of rich people are different. Even the way they return things were different. Is it possible for any old things that was lent to Qin Wanshu to become brand new? Zuo Qinghuan thought about the new clothes.  

  Qin Wanshu didn’t deliberately show off, instead she felt that some people may mind that their clothes were worn by others, so she felt it was inappropriate unless she sent back a new set.  

  On her drive home, Zuo Qinghuan noticed a car parked on the side of the road. It looks as if the car had broken down. Zuo Qinghuan was familiar with the license plate of the car. This is the car that Han Shibin drives. It’s unlikely that Han Shibin returned from overseas without letting her know, so this car was probably driven by Qin Wanshu. Zuo Qinghuan suddenly felt that she has a special fate with Qin Wanshu. In just a week, she saw Qin Wanshu again. Zuo Qinghuan slightly raised her lips, pulled over, opened the door and walked towards the car.  

  Zuo Qinghuan lightly knocked on Qin Wanshu’s car window. 

  Qin Wanshu rolled down her car window and saw Zuo Qinghuan, who smiled at her with great kindness and was slightly astonished. How could she see her again?   

  ”Are you having car troubles?” Zuo Qinghuan asked. 

  “It seems to have broken down. I was planning to call someone to tow it.” Qin Wanshu said helplessly. 

  “It’s getting dark. How about I give you a ride first?” Zuo Qinghuan asked enthusiastically. At this time, Zuo Qinghuan gave off the impression that she was like a good young woman who was willing to help others. No one would have thought she was usually indifferent towards others.  

  Qin Wanshu looked at Zuo Qinghuan, hesitated for a moment, then nodded. 

  ”Then I’ll trouble you,” Qin Wanshu said politely. 

  ”You’re welcome. It’s just on the way.” Zuo Qinghuan said to Qin Wanshu with a smile. 

  So, Qin Wanshu found herself in Zuo Qinghuan’s car for the second time. 

  ”Thank you for your clothes last time.” Qin Wanshu said. 

  ”Don’t forget that I was the one that spilt tea on you.” Zuo Qinghuan reminded. 

  ”Isn’t it run into, instead?” Qin Wanshu remembered that someone had accidentally run into her, causing the drink to spill in the first place.  

  ”Do you think so?” Zuo Qinghuan raised an eyebrow and asked instead. 

  Qin Wanshu couldn’t help but smile. She leaned towards Zuo Qinghuan and her body became very close to her. Zuo Qinghuan could smell Qin Wanshu’s faint fragrance but didn’t know why she suddenly came so close to her. Her heartbeat was slightly chaotic. 

  “Driver, remember to fasten your seatbelt.” Qin Wanshu said softly as she helped Zuo Qinghuan fasten her seatbelt.  

  ”Are you always so considerate?” Zuo Qinghuan asked gently. She and Han Shibin have been together for almost two years. The man has never helped her fasten her seatbelt. She may be a stranger in this woman’s heart, but this woman was willing to help her wear her seatbelt. This woman is a very attentive and considerate person.   

  ”Maybe.” Qin Wanshu thought for a moment, then replied with uncertainty. 

  ”Whoever marries you should be very happy.” Zuo Qinghuan sighed and said. She really is the perfect wife. There are no flaws to pick at with Qin Wanshu. 

  ”Then I’ll have to ask my husband.” Is Han Shibin happy? Qin Wanshu didn’t know if he cared whether she was frigid.   

  “Are you married? What kind of person is your husband?” Zuo Qinghuan asked knowingly. She really wanted to know what Han Shibin was like in Qin Wanshu’s mind.  

  ”A good man.” Qin Wanshu replied pointedly. Han Shibin in all aspects were really good and treated herself well. She wasn’t dissatisfied with Han Shibin. For some reason, she had an illusion that this woman seemed to be very interested in her private affairs.  

  Zuo Qinghuan raised the corner of her mouth in disapproval when she heard these words. The man is really good. If he didn’t hide a mistress outside and she happened to be that woman.  

  If I was a man and had such a perfect woman as my wife, even if this woman is frigid, she wouldn’t hide a mistress outside. She will find ways to cure her frigidity.  


  “Thank you for sending me back. If you don’t mind, why don’t you come in the house and have a cup of tea before you go?” Qin Wanshu asked gently. 

  “Okay ah. I have nothing to do anyway.” Zuo Qinghuan did not stand in ceremony and accepted. Whether or not Qin Wanshu invited her out of sincerity or politeness, she was curious about the place where Han Shibin and Qin Wanshu lived together. In this sky-high priced location, the villa covers a very large area. The huge courtyard is really luxurious. It’s like a waterside pavilion, which uses a combination of classic and modern styles. The atmosphere was exquisite, thus this must be an influential family’s property. Unfortunately, it ignited Zuo Qinghuan’s hatred for wealth and with her mentality she saw this as a really ostentatious building. It was really unexpected that Qin Wanshu would be such a pretentious person, Zuo Qinghuan thought enviously.  

  Qin Wanshu brought Zuo Qinghuan into the house. Zuo Qinghuan found that although the interior design was very similar to the exterior, they were slightly different. At least the interior was full of low-key luxury which Zuo Qinghuan liked.  

  “The interior and exterior seem to be different.” Zuo Qinghuan whispered. She didn’t know much about architecture and design, but she felt this. After all, she has always been very sensitive to her environment.  

  “The exterior was designed according to my husband’s preference while the interior was designed according to my preference.” Qin Wanshu explained.  

  “I feel that your preference seems to be more in line with mine. The exterior seems a little pretentious.” Zuo Qinghuan whispered, as if Han Shibin was present and she was whispering bad things about Han Shibin.  

  Qin Wanshu felt that Zuo Qinghuan, who talked bad about people and yet was afraid of being found out, was really cute. She chuckled a little but didn’t comment. It had seemed a bit pretentious, but she won’t say it out loud.  

  Qin Wanshu brought Zuo Qinghuan to her beloved sandalwood tea table which wasn’t high. There were several delicate cushions beside it.  

  “When I drink tea, I like to sit on the ground. It gives me a kind of leisurely feeling, so I don’t use a chair. Please sit anywhere you like.” Qin Wanshu explained. She never had to particularly explain about how comfortable she was.  

  Zuo Qinghuan seldom drinks tea, let alone has ever been in such a situation. Well, for Qin Wanshu, Zuo Qinghuan was very reluctant to admit that she was a bumpkin. She didn’t understand any tea formalities. She figured she should kneel like in tea ceremonies in Japan, but it’s too uncomfortable…  

  Qin Wanshu looked at Zuo Qinghuan who was seriously kneeling on the cushion and felt that she looked like a daughter-in-law waiting to serve. She suddenly felt it was very funny as it didn’t fit with this woman’s style.  

  “There’s no specific requirement for the sitting posture. Don’t be too formal. Just sit on the floor comfortably.” Qin Wanshu sat down cross-legged and began to boil the mountain spring water that was already prepared beside her.  

  Seeing Qin Wanshu was just sitting cross-legged, Zuo Qinghuan quickly changed to the same posture as her. But when she saw Qin Wanshu’s smile on her mouth, she felt a little embarrassed in front of Qin Wanshu. How shameful! She tried to play it cool in of Qin Wanshu. She even changed her cross-legged posture and stretched out a single leg. She sat in an indecent but very comfortable posture as she watched the woman, Qin Wanshu make tea.  

  Qin Wanshu didn’t mind, just smiled slightly. This is the true side of this woman, naturally wasn’t pretentious.  

  Zuo Qinghuan leaned against the wall and watched Qin Washu’s busy hands. It can be said that Qin Wanshu’s hands were very beautiful, like spring onions, neat, slender, fair and smooth. There were no traces of blemishes on her hands. Of course, those were the hands of a refined elegant person. Unlike the scar on the back of her own hand, although it has faded, it was still a hedious scar.   

  Qin Wanshu found Zuo Qinghuan staring at her hands and slightly stopped her actions.  

  ”Is there something wrong?” Qin Wanshu asked softly. 

  ”I don’t know how to make tea. So, I’m watching how you make it.” Zuo Qinghuan said lightly. 

  ”The water for making tea is very important. The so-called mountain water, river water, well water…” Qin Wanshu roughly introduced some knowledge about making tea. She didn’t think Zuo Qinghuan would be interested in making tea.  

  Zuo Qinghuan wasn’t actually interested in making tea, but she thought that the upper and lower classes were really different. The upper class even makes tea so elegantly.  

  ”It’s boring, isn’t it?” Qin Wanshu noticed that Zuo Qinghuan didn’t respond, so she stopped speaking about the topic immediately. As she just looked up at Zuo Qinghuan, Qin Wanshu was a little surprised. There was a faint smile on Zuo Qinghuan’s face, but it didn’t give off a warm feeling of a genuine smile. Instead, it seemed somewhat indifferent and distant, this kind of Zuo Qinghuan was different from the one she saw before.  

  ”No, it’s very interesting.” Zuo Qinghuan put away the smile she had just now and put on her best smile and said happily. In fact, listening to Qin Wanshu’s explanation of the tea formalities and watching Qin Wanshu making tea was quite enjoyable. Qin Wanshu’s voice is very pleasant to hear. It sounds better than every women’s voice. It was as soft and gentle as the spring breeze.  

  ”Please drink.” Qin Wanshu handed the brewed tea to Zuo Qinghuan. 

  ”Thank you.” Zuo Qinghuan took the teacup, then took a sip. It was really different from the bitter tea she envisioned. It was sweet and fragrant. 

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