Willingly Baited – Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

  ”Your home is so beautiful. Can I take a look around?” Zuo Qinghuan asked. She wanted to see the difference between where the main wife lived, and the home Han Shibin provided her.

  ”Of course.” Qin Wanshu replied. She didn’t dislike getting along with Zuo Qinghuan. On the contrary, she actually liked it. She wasn’t sure if the affinity was due to Zuo Qinghuan’s fairy like appearance.

  ”This is my husband’s study.” Qin Wanshu led Zuo Qinghuan into Han Shibin’s study.

  Without Qin Wanshu’s introduction, Zuo Qinghuan can see there was a photo of Qin Wanshu and Han Shibin on the table. Qin Wanshu had her usual elegant faint smile while Han Shibin looked very handsome. His eyes were soft and attentive while looking at Qin Wanshu. This truly looked like an ideal couple.

  ”Your husband?” Zuo Qinghuan pointed to Han Shibin in the photo and asked.

  ”En.” Qin Wanshu nodded.

  ”He looks very handsome.” Zuo Qinghuan wasn’t stingy and praised him. If he wasn’t so handsome, there were many men to chose from besides Han Shibin.  

  ”A lot of people say that.” Qin Wanshu said with a smile. Whether it was a compliment for herself or Han Shibin, Qin Wanshu had already heard a lot to the point of being numb.

  ”There should be a lot of women who likes him.” Zuo Qinghuan said to Qin Wanshu with a meaningful smile.

  Qin Wanshu was slightly stunned for a while. Many women have designs1desire on Han Shibin. Qin Wanshu knows that, but this is the first time a woman has mentioned her husband’s popularity in front of her.

  ”I’m proud of that.” Qin Wanshu said very generously.

  Zuo Qinghuan didn’t see any displeasure in Qin Wanshu’s eyes. If Qin Wanshu loved Han Shibin, then her acting was too deep, Zuo Qinghuan thought secretly.

  ”What about the room across from here?” Zuo Qinghuan changed the subject. She doesn’t want to expose her identity as the other woman in front of the wife. Although she doesn’t think Qin Wanshu would do anything to her. The sugar daddy probably wouldn’t want to see them enjoying each other’s company.

  ”My study.” Qin Wanshu saw that Zuo Qinghuan had quickly changed the subject, knowing that Zuo Qinghuan wasn’t interested in her husband’s study.

  Qin Wanshu brought Zuo Qinghuan to her study. She rarely lets people come into her study. After all, everything in her study was very precious, she even cleans this room personally. Qin Wanshu has made an exception by bringing Zuo Qinghuan into her study.

  ”Your study has a quite the decoration…” Zuo Qinghuan felt that the things in Qin Wanshu’s study were novel. Her fingers couldn’t help but touch them, such is a human being’s bad habit. Even if she doesn’t know what it is, she wanted to touch the things she was curious about. 

  Qin Wanshu looked at Zuo Qinghuan’s restless hands that touched everything. She was afraid of things getting broken, not only were these things valuable but they were all treasures. They were all unique items in this world. She cherished them very much and has been influenced by her grandfather. She regards these antiques as her life. But she didn’t want to feel stingy by telling her to stop. After all, as long as they didn’t get damaged, she can freely touch them. Qin Wanshu had no choice but to wait for Zuo Qinghuan to get bored.

  ”Are these antiques?” Zuo Qinghuan asked afterwards. It seemed that she heard that Miss Qin liked antiques. Zuo Qinghuan looked at the room full of antiques and suddenly felt that Miss Qin’s family was probably a lot thicker than her sugar daddy.  

  Qin Wanshu nodded.

  ”How much is this bowl in my hand?” Zuo Qinghuan pointed to the bowl in her hand. She wasn’t interested in how precious these antiques were but rather how much they were worth.  

  ”To me, it’s priceless.” Qin Wanshu felt that these things couldn’t be measured monetarily.

  ”So how much did you buy it for?” Zuo Qinghuan felt that people like Qin Wanshu was difficult to understand. They spend so much money on useless things, then treat those things as treasures to be serve upon like slaves. They really got something wrong with their heads.

  ”Three million.” Qin Wanshu replied and mentioned that many of them were gifted by her grandfather. From her birth to now, she has received 30 birthday gifts and this one was acquired when her grandpa and her went to an auction together for the first time.

  ”How much is it worth monetarily?” Zuo Qinghuan murmured. There were at least dozens of antiques here. Qin Wanshu’s value is really high.

  “Every person has their own love that they wouldn’t sell.” Qin Wanshu said lightly.

  “Have you lost your soul, otherwise you will find all this is rubbish and isn’t as good as money.” Zuo Qinghuan sniffed. Miss Qin stood and talked without backpain. How can a child who has never been short on money knows how to live without money? The exquisite bowl in Zuo Qinghuan’s hand wasn’t as good as the steamed buns in the bowl.2to stand and talk without backpain is a saying. Basically, how can you talk all moral or high and mighty but never personally been through it yourself

  ”Maybe.” Qin Wanshu didn’t argue. She neither denied nor agreed with Zuo Qinghuan’s perspective. Perhaps because of this, this is why grandfather said he would rather keep himself wealthy for a lifetime so he wouldn’t be tainted by copper.3LOL copper like pennies, wouldn’t be poor a penny pincher

  Zuo Qinghuan wasn’t an elegant person. Her curiousity about these things quickly passed. Qin Wanshu hurriedly took Zuo Qinghuan away from her study. Qin Wanshu skipped her bedroom and took her to the piano room on the third floor.

  The piano room was large, larger than the study room below. The huge piano room was very empty. There was only one seemingly expensive piano placed in front of the large floor to ceiling windows. There were also single-tone curtains which made the room look very strange.

  “It’s empty and cold.” Zuo Qinghuan felt that the piano room was a bit cold and frightening. She thought the person who designed this was definitely a psychopath to a certain extent. Zuo Qinghuan rejected any feelings of emptiness. People who were insecure were always afraid of being exposed in excessively large spaces.

  ”In fact, the idea is to let the moonlight scatter on the piano through the French windows. I’d want to get into the mood when I play Beethoven’s moonlight song…” Qin Wanshu lamented that it was a pity that there was no moonlight in the city.4The city she lives in is too bright at night since the night life there is lit. So it’s too bright for the moonlight to truly shine in through the windows—same with the stars in the sky

  ”Qin Wanshu, I didn’t noticed that you were so pretentious oh…” Zuo Qinghuan felt that rich people were really pretentious. They built a large floor-to-ceiling window and wasted so much space just to play Beethoven under the moonlight.

  ”Is it pretentious? Is it?” Qin Wanshu was called pretentious for the first time. Some people are like Zuo Qinghuan who looks at things pessimistically. In fact, everyone has a fantasy in their hearts, don’t they? Qin Wanshu arged in her heart. Qin Wanshu didn’t think that her fantasy would be seriously despised by Zuo Qinghuan.

  ”En, it’s quite pretentious.” Zuo Qinghuan looked at Qin Wanshu’s blank expression and said confidently.

  Qin Wanshu’s usual elegant expression slightly cracked, just like a child who was used to praise has no idea what to do with sudden criticism. Her expression is too cute, Zuo Qinghuan thought secretly.

  Zuo Qinghuan’s attention soon focused on the piano in front of the floor to ceiling window. When she was a child, she has never had a chance to touch a piano. In her memory, it was something that was unattainable. Zuo Qinghuan’s fingers slipped over the seemingly expensive piano, then looked up at Qin Wanshu.

  ”Can you play?” Zuo Qinghuan asked gently. She knows that Han Shibin can play. Since she’s been together with Han Shibin, Han Shibin played for her only once. At that time, Han Shibin was like an elegant prince. This woman’s elegance was etched into her bones. She might be more charming if she played the piano.

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