Willingly Baited – Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

  Qin Wanshu didn’t answer. She sat down, lifted the fallboard1hinged protective cover for the keys, and slid her fingers gently over the black and white piano keys. Clear musical sounds resonated from the piano.

  Zuo Qinghuan leaned against the wall next to her and quietly watch Qin Wanshu play. No matter whether it was a man or woman, being a good piano player is a bonus for their temperament. Qin Wanshu, who didn’t need the extra points, was already the best. Moreover, with the extra points, Qin Wanshu became even more extraordinary. With such a quiet and dignified expression, elegant posture, and her many beautiful fingers, Zuo Qinghuan looked at Qin Wanshu with many complicated emotions.

  There was no one like Qin Wanshu who brings out the feeling of admiration from her, and at the same time, easily provoke the inferiority complex hidden deep in her heart. This negative feeling pouring out from the bottom of her heart was really terrible. At this moment, Zuo Qinghuan had to admit that she was jealous of Qin Wanshu. All of Qin Wanshu’s possessions were beyond her reach. Her proud family background, elegant and charming appearance, temperament, such self-restrain. It really made all women envious that they were in different leagues. God’s hands really were magical. Because she has something that she doesn’t have and desire, she can’t help but get closer…

  ”Do you want to try playing?” Qin Wanshu found that Zuo Qinghuan was looking at her attentively, and she didn’t understand the emotions swirling in Zuo Qinghuan’s eyes.

  ”I can’t. I haven’t touched this sort of thing since I was a kid, but I can pole dance. Everything I can do is out of the mainstream, and I’m not in the flow.” Zuo Qinghuan looked at Qin Wanshu and gently replied. To a great extent, it was self-mockery, not jealousy of Qin Wanshu.

  Qin Wanshu was surprised for a moment. She didn’t expect Zuo Qinghuan to be so straightforward. Zuo Qinghuan’s clothes and the things she uses are very expensive. The average young woman wouldn’t be able to afford these things. Unless they came from a rich family, then it would be easy to guess where these luxury goods came from. After all, a woman’s bargaining chips is their youth and beauty. Qin Wanshu had no special feeling about those women who sell their bodies for vanity. After all, everyone pursues different things. However, Qin Wanshu was surprised when she listened to Zuo Qinghuan’s honest remarks. Her intuition told her that Zuo Qinghuan was different from those vain women.

  ”I can teach you how to play.” Qin Wanshu neither asked questions nor pointed out her words but changed the subject. Qin Wanshu wasn’t a person who placed herself above the common people. In fact, she belongs to the smooth and slick people who won’t give other people a hard time. She didn’t think that Zuo Qinghuan would like to be asked about her private life. Of course, if Zuo Qinghuan wanted to talk, she would be a good listener.  

  Zuo Qinghuan didn’t know whether Qin Wanshu didn’t care about her words or didn’t understand the hidden meaning in her words. But it was definitely a wise method to change the subject.

  Zuo Qinghuan’s fingers touched the black and white piano keys again. Can you play this thing yourself? After the finger pressed a key, it made a monotonous piano sound and she felt some novelty.

  Qin Wanshu saw Zuo Qinghuan’s fingers carefully slide across the piano keys, like a child trying to reach out for a toy but was a little scared. It was very cute, so Qin Wanshu smiled slightly and closed her hand over Zuo Qinghuan’s hand and led Zuo Qinghuan’s fingers, playing the piano. Zuo Qinghuan could feel Qin Wanshu’s heat covering the back of her hand, which was warm and soft. This feeling was wonderful. At the same time, this was the second time they had close body contact. Qin Wanshu’s unique fragrance filled Zuo Qinghuan’s nose and Zuo Qinghuan didn’t feel repulsed.

  Qin Wanshu suddenly realized that although she didn’t get along well with others, she was so close to a woman who she had only met three times. It was amazing. It wasn’t only Qin Wanshu who had a unique faint fragrance, but also Zuo Qinghuan. Qin Wanshu secretly thought Zuo Qinghuan’s faint body fragrance was somewhat the same as her face, which wasn’t bad.

  In fact, Qin Wanshu led the wolf into the house,2To leave oneself open to attack; asking for trouble Zuo Qinghuan secretly thought.


  Zuo Qinghuan’s eyes sneakily turned to Qin Wanshu’s face. Even at such a close proximity, she couldn’t pick out any flaws even if she was being critical. Qin Wanshu was really perfect. Being such a perfect woman, Zuo Qinghuan doesn’t want her to have any flaws at all. She truly didn’t think that she was a frigid person, so to maintain her mental image of Qin Wanshu, she will help her cure this minor flaw. Zuo Qinghuan thought that women like Qin Wanshu were born to be loved and worshipped by others. She deserves all the happiness in the world. In fact, Zuo Qinghuan thought her brain must be flooded, otherwise how could she have such a thought? In case she cured Qin Wanshu, as the mistress, she will lose her job and Zuo Qinghuan will no longer benefit from others at her own expense.  Zuo Qinghuan restrained herself from the crazy idea she just thought of, she must not have these kinds of terrifying thoughts. Also, Qin Wanshu looks quite conservative and ascetic, so she will be difficult to move. But in any case, if Han Shibin finds out, Han Shibin will never spare her. Don’t offend these people and attempt things beyond her ability else disaster will strike. This was tantamount to playing with fire and that was no good.

  However, some crazy ideas weren’t so easy to stifle as soon as they were born. This idea was born from Zuo Qinghuan’s mind, who has a shallow sense and morality. The idea was a ticking time bomb.

  Zuo Qinghuan looked at Qin Wanshu’s elegant and serious face, and her evil thoughts grew out of control. She doesn’t believe that people would lack desire. They were born to be controlled by various types of needs, but some people know self-restraints, while others simply indulge in their desires. So, she doesn’t believe that Qin Wanshu has no desires. She could only say that Han Shibin has never provoked Qin Wanshu’s burning hunger. Once an ascetic woman was ignited, what will she become? Zuo Qinghuan wanted to know.

  Qin Wanshu still carefully and gently led Zuo Qinghuan’s fingers on the keyboard. She was the most patient and elegant teacher in the world.

  Zuo Qinghuan suddenly turned her head premeditatedly and slid her lips against Qin Wanshu’s soft lips, an act that seemed to be accidental.

  Qin Wanshu was surprised by the unexpected situation and didn’t know how to react. She didn’t know why Zuo Qinghuan would suddenly turn her head and end up touching her lips against hers.

  “I’m sorry, I turned my head to face you too suddenly.” Zuo Qinghuan’s pure and refined face seemed so sincere, so innocent, that she appeared so helpless.

  Originally, Qin Wanshu had doubted if Zuo Qinghuan was being deliberate. Now she confirmed that Zuo Qinghuan was definitely being deliberate. Any excessive performance always appeared a bit distorted. The so-called ‘too much is excessive’ could be described at this moment. Though, Qin Wanshu wanted to praise Zuo Qinghuan’s superb acting skills in her heart, this only shows that this woman was born with the ability to deceive others. She suspected that God had abused his power, giving birth to such deceptive skin that would help her deceive others.

  ”It’s just an accident. Don’t worry.” Qin Wanshu lightly said as if she didn’t care. But she felt strange, she didn’t like to lie usually. She didn’t know how entangled this crooked person’s mind was. What’s even more strange was that she wasn’t repulsed by Zuo Qinghuan. Maybe it was fate to meet Zuo Qinghuan, but she was a little puzzled with why Zuo Qinghuan made such a move. 

  Zuo Qinghuan didn’t expect Qin Wanshu to remain so calm, and her heart was a little dissatisfied. Can she really make Mount Tai collapse in front of her without changing her sexuality? I dare worked up the courage to do it, but Qin Wanshu treated it as an accident leaving Zuo Qinghuan unsatisfied. At least, she should be a little bit shy!

  ”Qin Wanshu, are you actually frigid?” Zuo Qinghuan suddenly asked.

  Obviously, Qin Wanshu wasn’t used to Zuo Qinghuan’s sudden topic change. She didn’t know why Zuo Qinghuan was so curious about her private matters. In terms of their friendship, it was impolite to ask such questions repeatedly. It made Qin Wanshu feel that it was neither right nor wrong to answer her.

  ”Really?” Zuo Qinghuan asked again. Zuo Qinghuan didn’t care whether she was being rude or not. Basically, she decided to bet on Qin Wanshu’s good self-cultivation.

  ”Why are you so interested in this?” Qin Wanshu asked, with a very unnatural resistance towards this topic in her heart.

  ”I think I can help you, maybe I can cure your frigidity.” Zuo Qinghuan didn’t answer her question.

  Qin Wanshu felt that when the seemingly pure Zuo Qinghuan said this to her, ‘I can cure your frigidity’, Qin Wanshu felt that this scene has a sense of indescribably violation.3She kind of feels that Zuo is hitting on her, implying that she will cure her by going to bed, she feels it’s wrong but can’t pinpoint what is wrong with the words  

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